Lines Between Points in GH

HI Expert
I hope you are doing well today.
i need to draw line and to make boundary between posts.
in given files there are points at same numbers but needed to join and create safety screens.
i have tried and spent time but to no avail i m here looking for your help.

thanks very much for your time.
Best RegardsPost arrangement_MEv2 (1).gh (33.1 KB) Base Plates_East.3dm (781.5 KB)

this could be one way,
note that the very first and very last posts are oriented weirdly
and not all panels result to be planar

Post arrangement_MEv2 (1) (37.8 KB)

HI Inno

Thanks very much for time and helping.
its ok just those parts are blanks.
i have made it boundary and extrude it by 4mm so that parts not changing.
could you please figure out the issue.

Best regards and thanks again.

because not all the panels result to be planar, then you can’t generate a Boundary surface from non-planar boundary curves

the root of the problem is in the orientation of some posts:
your posts are oriented by planes constructed over squared surfaces referenced in Rhino,
so I guess you will have to sort out the perfect orientation of those surfaces in Rhino?

you can delete last 2 posts on each side. i have also deleted that as its not part of group.

Best Regards and thanks again.

You really shouldn’t create multiple threads with the same topic.

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ouch :slight_smile:

True but the task was of a different approach. that Inno sorted.
earlier it were lines directly attached to post but this time I have made offsets to create the screens so thats why I have to do that. New thread.
But thanks all for the help.


Well then at least use a different title so no one finds out

Thanks for advice and i will remember it. unfortunately it was a rush work to complete the task so i did not realize but good to understand now.
Have a good day ahead.