Trying to recreate mesh in grasshopper

Connection (23.2 KB)

Connection Rebuild.3dm (4.1 MB)

Hi im trying to recreate the connection shown in grasshopper. My process thus far has been to try and create the cross sectional curves and then build the surface but im struggling to get past the curves. I have circles placed for all three openings and point on curve slides to control their locations. i then created lines from multiple pints but i havent gotten past that. As some background, i am taking a class in which we are making an organic sculpture and 3d printing a lot of the connections. My task is to model some of these connections to connect to the sculptures main structure and hold fiberglass rods. My partner for this is the one who made the original grasshopper script and we need to make adjustments to the original file but he unfortunately hasnt been reliable in getting things done and i have asked him multiple times to make changes or just give me the script so i can do it. He still hasnt done anything so ive decided to just make my own script so i dont have to worry about it. Theres about 12 of these connections each with a different number of branches since im using a pre existing network of curves to place the circles im planning to just create a script for this one and then apply it to the rest. If there are any other ways i can go about doing this please let me know!