SD material component not displaying colours correctly

The colours for the fabric do not display correctly within shapediver for this model

They do display correctly within grasshopper using simple material component and display component.

The value list for the colour feeds in a RGB value to the colour input of the SD material component and I have used 701 for the material.

Natural for instance feeds in RGB of 228,230,219, this is not displayed within shapediver.

Could you post a minimal definition reproducing the problem?

I just tested the material and it worked for me.

Your screen shot looks correct and similar to how its displayed bt grasshopper. However, the defintion when uploaded to Shapediver displays most the colours incorrectly.

Below are 2 screenshots, one from grasshopper and one from shapediver for a silver grey colour. Its displayed accurately in grasshopper, but not in Shapediver

It might be an overlapping object which is also rendered in the viewer and mixes with the material colour. Can you check that all but the SDDisplay components are switched off for preview in Grasshopper?

Here is the material rendered with the custom environment:

Links to a stripped down grasshoper definition and also to the same definition uplodadedcolour display (55.3 KB) to Shapediver

Rendering in Rhino is always a bit different from what you get in ShapeDiver but I don’t see anything unusual. It seems that the material looks darker due to the repetition of the texture.

Try increasing the scale of the mapping and learn more about materials and mapping in this tutorial.

I have scaled the texture within the actual definition.
All colours are displaying significantly darker than their RGB values and
hence are not close to the colour that should be presented.
I can see this being a problem when an end user selects a colour and commits to purchase once we have the definition embedded in a site with your API linked to a retail cart.
I will watch the video, but is there anything else you can suggest. Is the Shapediver material 701 adding colour to the rGB values.

The ShapeDiver material presets are aimed for a simple and quick test rendering of your product. I recommend to use the advanced material which gives you more flexibility to create finish you have in mind.

701 Grey Fabric material preset, as the name suggests, adds grey colour and can make the final material appear darker.

However, if all colours show darker go to model Edit Mode and increase the intensity of the ambient light to brighten up the scene. Make sure to Save Light Scene and Apply Settings when you are done.

Thank you so much, great support, as always