Error Code when uploading my GH file

Hi everyone,

New to Shapediver here. I pared down my gh file and I’m still having error codes pop up. Can someone take a quick look and let me know if I’m doing something glaringly wrong?

thanks in advance! (51.6 KB)

You are using a custom Python script which manipuates the Rhino document to define materials:


I recommend you instead use the standard “Create Material” component along with the “Custom Preview”. Even better, you could switch to the Material and Display components of the ShapeDiver plugin.

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It worked! Thanks! The way this is supposed to work is a 64 digit alphanumeric digit changes the model color and shape. Currently it does change the shape, but not the color, its all monotone. Its reading the first letter of the alphanumeric string and assigning that color to the entire project. This hasnt been an issue with the code in the past. Any tips on improving this issue? (28.3 KB)

You either need to graft your geometry input:

Or use the attributes system to store different materials in each piece of geometry.

Read more about these topics here: ShapeDiver Display

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