Material color not displayed correctly?

Hi there again SD,

Im on a designer-account, and trying to display simple black lines in for my grid-model:
"20220328 Moondoor grid maker"
Currently on 1.9.3-beta, but this also occured for me in 1.9.2-?

I connected a ShapeDiver Material component to a ShapeDiver Display component, and set the color to R0,G0,B0, A255. Nothing fancy. So I take believe in this way all the Geometryn in the SD Display component should turn black?

However, as you can see in the modelpage, or in my iFrame here: .ifc Grid Maker (free)
The lines either show up white-ish, or turn white-ish after updating the inputs.

Any idea what am I missing?

It looks like some components in your definition still have the preview turned on, which creates duplicated geometry on top of the one which you have assigned a material to. Make sure all previews are turned off except for the ShapeDiver display components.

Had not thought of this, couldn’t imagine the componenttypes that were still on preview would interfere… but this solved it! I take my hat off to you Mathieu. Thanks.