Grasshopper's Material Parameter not working in Shapediver

After Uploading my grasshopper file the material parameter is not working and I am not able to change the color of the product into ShapeDiver can you help me with that.

Could you please share a minimal definition to help us reproduce the issue?

EDIT: after finding your model uploaded on ShapeDiver, I could identify the issue. It seems that with the recent materials update, the compatibility with the Grasshopper native “Create Material” and “Custom Preview” components has been broken. We will fix the problem soon. In the meantime, I suggest that you use the ShapeDiver material and display components instead, which is the recommended way to work in general.

@shailesh This problem has now been fixed. The visualization created with the “Create Material” and “Custom Preview” components of Grasshopper will be reflected in the online models uploaded to the platform.