Displayed color differs from wanted RGB color

We are having trouble with the displayed colours in shape diver and on our website. The input is RGB but the output looks like a much lighter colour then what expected. after reading other topics we also tried with glTF2
Any Ideas how to solve this?


Hello @Yannik,

thank you for your question.

Getting accurate color representation in a 3D environment is always a challenge. As other factors like the radiance from the lights and the environment map, encodings and tone mappings are considered, the colors that you see rendered do not always match their RGB definition in a direct comparison. In your case, the representation of the correct color values has priority and you can achieve it the following way, assuming you didn’t do any other changes to the settings yet.

  1. In the Advanced Rendering settings, set the values for Automatic Color Adjustment, Texture Encoding and Output Encoding as follows.
  2. In the lights panel, change the intensity of the directional light to 1.

With these changes, the rendered colors now match your target a lot closer as can be seen in the screenshot below where I added the target color as a background.

Feel free to experiment yourself with different light and environment settings to achieve the result that you want.

PS: While the above solution is probably what you are looking for, you can also change the material type via the Viewer API to assign an unlit material. In this example you can see that with an unlit material, the colors match perfectly over the whole surface, with the drawback of not having any shading. In some cases, this might be the desired result.

Cheers, Michael

great, this helped a lot.
thank you,