Problem with RGB Color in Shapediver

Hi all,
I have a problem with color of material. i use the gITF2-Material component from shapediver. i try to change color of some surfaces. It works well in Grashopper and rhino but in shapediver it works for only 2 of 4 coloroptions. The color-input is RGB. I use this GH-file wit other colors before and it works well.
Did someone have a solution for that problem?

Could you join a minimal Grasshopper definition that shows the problem you are mentioning? (127.3 KB)

here is the grasshopper definition, the problem appears at the GiTF-Dislay _C2


I could not work with your definition as it is big and the file import from dropbox does not work. Could you maybe isolate the problem in a minimal definition?