Ruled Surfaces error

Hi everyone, I can not find a way to make this work:

  1. I created a set of truncated cones through the loft component, debrepped it, isotrimmed it and extracted the vertexes of each facet.
  2. I built the lines through the center of the structure and the vertexes of each facet, then picked the lines in twos and used the Ruled Surface component, but only managed to build a few.

This is the result I’m looking for, which I obtained by “manually” selecting each line with its adjacent though. Is there a way I can get the same amount of planes by combining ruled surface input data? Thanks in advance for your patience!

Ermione (32.6 KB)

I didn’t use the Ruled Surface, but I belive the result would be pretty much the same as you expect?

Ermione (46.4 KB)

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