Twisted Ruled Surface drives me crazy!

Hi there !

I’m getting mad trying to create surfaces from curves. I’ve been searching for hours a solution (by myself or scanning the web) but for now i cant acheive what i’m trying to.

I try to create a surface from a equilateral triangle to a circle on a matrix.

My goal is to parameter the Wicker Pavillion (

Here is where i am now :

I defined my equilateral and circle matrix
I tried to loft them : unsucceful
I tried to use twisted ruled surfaces : it’s close to the resuslt but the surfaces twist and i dont know how to define the fact than the surface needs to be created from the equilateral triangle and the circle associated

If anyone can help i would be very gratefull !!

Wincker (44.7 KB)

Check align section of loft option…

Wincker (45.5 KB)

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Wincker (12.9 KB)

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Try with Weavebird to simplify your script

Wincker (50.0 KB)


Thx a lot ! i’ll try WB to simplify, but right now i’m just so happy to solve this problem and be abble to keep going !
I ll post later the final result :wink: