Trouble with Loft

Hello everyone.

I’m completely new to grasshopper and I’ve been following a tutorial on said software. I’m having trouble trying to use the loft component to make surfaces as shown on the attached pic.

When I get to loft, it says “Loft could not be constructed”. Would anyone be kind enough to help me? I’m absolutely lost and have no one to ask.
Thanks in advance.
Folded.3dm (30.8 KB) (14.6 KB)

Hi req!

I had a quick look at the definition and I think I have something that can help you. I think it was more of a data structure issue than a loft issue. Please have a look at this and see if it’s what you’re after.

Erik (16.1 KB)

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Hello Erik,

thank you very much for your help! I appreciate it, and the surface you made was exactly what I was after. But, I’m afraid I still have trouble trying to wrap my mind around this data structure issue you mentioned. Can you elaborate on that? I’m also curious about what was it that made me not able to make the surfaces as the tutorial made them, as the tutorial doesn’t use path mapper at all.

Once again thank you very much!

I think you did everything correct, only the loft option should be set from normal to straight:


Hello again,

I’m really no expert on data structures, just figured that might be the problem since it often is. What I did was to loft the lines in pairs to get individual surfaces for each panel, which was probably just making it more complicated than necessary. I think you should have a look at Gijs solution instead, that was probably what they did in the tutorial.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Hello Gijs, thank you very much!

Thank you very much Erik!

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