Brep-Brep Intersection error

Hello again, I’m trying to build a structure by intersecting a set of spheres with one of surfaces but I can’t manage to get it right. This is what I’ve done:

  1. I created a set of truncated cones through the loft component and scaled a copy down. I then debrepped and isotrimmed both, and finally extracted the vertexes of each facet.

  2. I created two sets of polylines by joining the vertexes of each facet, then used couples of corresponding polylines as an input for the loft component.

  3. I created boundary surfaces from the inner set of polylines so that I could use them as reference planes to build as many circles, and finally spheres, through the revolution component. For a matter of clarity I’ve shown only one each in the following image.

  4. Finally I’ve plugged into the brep | brep intersection component both the lofted surfaces and the spheres, and ended up with this.

The problem is that the green curves only match horizontally. What I’m trying to do is more similar to what’s shown below, but I want avoid using attractor points. Thanks in advance for your help! Ermione (18.1 KB)

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Duplicate thread alert. This is the third thread on this topic in the last 24 hours and the fourth thread in the last ten days:

I’ve been trying to elaborate this in such a way that allowed a response, making adjustments to the way I presented the problem and my procedure. This took time and effort, as I never simply reposted, and I wouldn’t have done it if I had known it was against the guidelines. I sincerely apologize.
May I ask how often can I bring up the topic in the hope of someone’s intervention?

In any given thread, you can post three times in a row before the forum prevents you from posting again until someone else contributes a post. If no one replies, that’s it.

I’m never persuaded by multiple redundant threads or long, complex descriptions (TLTR). Or those requiring an extensive conversation to know the history and discover what the person really needs.

Too often I see problems that are the result of someone painting themselves into a corner, that is, of their own creation and more easily accomplished with a different approach.

Got it, I apologize again.