Please Help! Surface Evaluate not mapping evenly on lofted surface

I’m trying to code a facade onto a tower design for a school project,but I’m having trouble getting the divide domain component to divide evenly onto the loft. I just want to divide the loft into smaller squares, so i can make some sort of facade using its 4 vertices. I don’t understand why I can’t get the surface to divide into a smooth grid. It kind of works if i set the U and V values [of the divide domain] to one, but i’d prefer if the loft was divided further. As in I want to generate more rows of squares. I think part of the issue is the weird shape of the floor plates. I’m not really good at grasshopper, so I appreciate it if you guys can help. I attached the grasshopper file and there should be a huge yellow panel to show where the issue is in the script.

assignment 03 - (66.7 KB)

thank you,

assignment 03 - (70.6 KB)

well it seems ok now !!

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Thank you Mr. Pulari! I didn’t realize it was such an easy fix.