Rotate procedural wood?


It seems like there is no option to change the orientation of procedural wood. Really?

Neon with HDRI lighting?
(John Brock) #2

Yes, there is. It’s an object property. The default UV mapping is what you’re seeing so if you rotate the object, the material stays oriented the same way.
This video shows how it works in V5 generally:

I think there is an added change to tell Flamingo to use the Rhino UV mapping.
If I remember correctly, the control is in object Properties.


Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to work with nXt procedural materials.

To a block I assigned Flamingo’s “Walnut Natural-No Gloss”. Then to change orientation, I tried changing the UV mapping in the object properties:

  1. I assigned a UV mapping.

  2. I changed orientation relative to world coordinates:

    1. 90, 0, 0

    2. 0, 90, 0

    3. 0, 0, 90

  3. I changed orientation relative to UV coordinates:

    1. 90, 0, 0

    2. 0, 90, 0

    3. 0, 0, 90

In steps 2 and 3, I did a Flamingo render after every change: The orientation stayed the same.

I think I’ll start evaluating the built in Rhino renderer now that I know how to enable HDRI lighting. Rhino’s native texture system seems much more advanced than that built into nXt. Like I said elsewhere, I assume the strength of Flamingo is rendering architectural scenes, not rendering objects such as a power drill.

(Ioannis Zonitsas (Visual-Dream)) #4

Hi guys, I was wondering if this issue is already solved somewhere? I tried to rotate a procedural wood texture and it was not possible via the mapping tab in the object properties. Any ideas? Thanks, Ioannis