Applying wood grain Rhino v4 - Flamingo v2

I have two questions in regards to the attached image. This is the center section of a gate that I’m making. I’ve also included an image of the gate to give you a clearer picture of the composite wood being used.

  1. If I use the standard library how do I rotate the wood grain to make it parallel to the arrows shown? The four pieces are individual solid entities.

  2. If I take a photograph of the actual wood being used, is there a procedure to follow in Rhino v4 and criteria in photographing the wood that should be used.

I have seen a few excellent tutors on Youtube but they were using v5 of Rhino.


Hello - on Object Properties > Flamingo page, look for Mapping and change to something like, most likely, Planar. Then set Orientation to taste. Does that do what you need?


Well … I selected one of the entities (one wood panel) as shown below, went to properties, then material and imported the wood map file.

… then clicked on Render and got this.

… good so far except it really doesn’t look like the mapped image I imported. Perhaps I have something else configured and don’t realize it. I never could figure out how to remove a material assigned to a layer. Anyway, then I clicked on the drop down arrow and select Flamingo and I have an Orientation box available.

… and get this. I don’t understand the concept of the box and what I’m supposed to do with it, or even if I am on the correct path to accomplishing this?