Rotate wood material

Okay, this should be simple but I can’t figure out how to rotate the wood direction on a material. I’m using Rhino render.Fence Isolated.3dm (1.5 MB)

Here’s a simple file. I want the wood to go vertically on the pickets and posts.

Hello - you can rotate the texture in the material > texture settings

Or use mapping on the objects to orient the texture.



YES! So obvious when you know. Thanks.

Hello, I am in the same boat here. I need the grain of the following file.
I followed Pascal.s instructions. I cannot see any change in XYZ rotation.
I want the grain to be 90-deg on top face of the board but on thin edge of board I like how it is…
Wood.3dm (1.9 MB)

Hi Clint - I do not see how to do this without extracting the top faces and applying a copy of the material with a rotated copy of the texture.

WoodMaybe.3dm (1.9 MB)


WoodMaybe-Why.3dm (1.7 MB) OK can do that, I see that the rotation wasn’t occurring because I had the solid selected.

And I can simply extract, but still not able to rotate the grain. Same texture settings as the one you did.
Extract and change the X-Y rotation but no change.
What am I doing wrong? Thanks

Hi Clint - I made a copy of the Ash texture and set it to be rotated 90 degrees, made a copy of the Ash material and set it to use that rotated copy of the texture… does that make sense? I do not see a cleaner way so far.


Yes I see that now, thanks…will try it and report back,

I’m having this problem where none of the mapping I’ve tried seem to work (planar / box / surface)
How can I rotate just the *wrongly) orientated surface in this model ?

ps… what’s the deal with the ‘disjointed’ edges ?
The material being used is Wood 062

Hello- please post a file with your object.


Have pm’d you

Hello - I think what you want is ApplyOCSMapping with the three points arranged like so:

And, in the material, uncheck Displacement to get the messy edges cleaned up.



Superb !!
Thank you Pascal, much appreciated

I thought I would share a cheat.

I sometimes create a copy of a material with the texture rotated 90 degrees, so if I have a lot of things going one way or another, I just use the horizontal or vertical one respectfully. It’s faster than applying mapping.


Thanks… that’sa good tip

Great cheat, but when I rotate the texture on the new material it also rotates the texture on the new material - is there some way to use the same jpeg as a texture on both ‘normal’ and ‘rotated’, or do you have to rotate the jpeg as well before you use it?

AFAIK, I just make a copy, and rotate the material. I often use this method when using WCS/OCS mapping, one for each orientation. I use the same image.

It gets complicated because, I often use a bumpmap, which then also needs to be turned.

If you ensure your maps are all of the same size then use the tree view of the material editor. Open the material you want to edit textures for, select all the textures, then you can change mapping settings for your selection in one go.