Change Texture/material orientation on a surface?


I’m playing with textures in Rhino for the first time. I can figure out martials by layer or object. However, how does one change the orientation of a texture on only one surface. e.g. In the attached pic, changing the grain in the carved upper band from vertical to horizontal.

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi CalypsoArt - by default the direction follows the UV of each face - use Dir to swap or reverse the UV directions. However it may be much more controllable and useful to apply a planar or box mapping to the object rather than use the defaults in a case like this - see Help on mapping. mapping



Thanks Pascal. I found that myself but really could not understand it. I tried making “channels” and could not find where they were or how to assign. I’m accustomed to the ease of Sketchup’s textures and their manipulation. Is there a video tutorial for Rhino texture mapping?

(Pascal Golay) #4

Hi CalypsoArt - you don’t need to mess with channels for the Rhino renderer - use Channel 1 or whatever is the default.

Here’s a video clip from Brian James -