Ribbed Vaults structure

Hello everyone, so… I’ve been developing this structure for a geometry class:

Lately I had to rethink my whole process though, because the teacher requested me to create the same shapes through a process of solids intersection (while I had used an attractor point to model the concavity in the beginning). As you can see there are some problems in the model above, as I was not done with the algorithm yet and the facets were not meant to intersect, but I hope this can somehow help you visualize the geometry I’m aiming to build.
I’m now going to elaborate and guide you through the process I went through myself in order to create the same structure through solid intersections. Thanks in advance for your patience, please find the .gh file enclosed at the end.

A premise is necessary, because not everybody might understand what I’m referring to by saying “ribbed vaults”; the following image should clarify what a ribbed vault is, i.e. a portion of a sphere (or ellipsoid) surface located through 4 intersecting planes.

My intent is to build the whole structure through the repetition of a single irregular ribbed vault. This is how I proceeded:

  1. Create a set of truncated cones through one of circles
  2. Isotrim the trunks and extract the vertexes
  3. Extract the initial set of trunks center, move the vertexes along the normals and create 2pt lines between the resulting points and the center itself
  4. Pick lines in twos to create vertical ruled surfaces (Around this point I started struggling with the management of lists and data, as the vertexes and thus the lines indexes were ordered differently than I expected, and returned intersecting, diagonal surfaces. I had to manually adjust the indexes in the lists and eventually got the desired result. For a closer look at this part I suggest you dive into the .gh file, as it’s really complex.)

  5. Same procedure, create horizontal planes this time

  1. Create a reference plane for each facet (The planes are parallel to the subsurfaces created through the isotrim component in the beginning)
  2. Create ellipsoids through revolution using the planes as references (You can glimpse at the ribbed vault)

Current situation: I created a series of ellipsoids, one for each facet, but when intersecting through the BBX component there’s probably some sort of data mismatch. I can’t help but thinking that this whole process is way too complex and that there must be another way around this.

I elaborated this as much as I could given the circumstances, I’ll be glad to clarify any doubt you might have, and I’ll greatly appreciate any answer. Please feel free to suggest different approaches to the problem, or take a look at the file if you simply want to try fixing it. Have a nice day!

Ermione 4.forum.gh (36.7 KB)

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