Problematic vault creation

Hi, i’m new in grasshopper and i’m having some troubles building a cross vault in a more complex model of a church. I need to make a series of vaults (8 vaults for each aisle) and their squared bases have an area of A/4, where A is the module from which I built the entire church.
I tried but the result is not what i need.
[|attachment](upload://5KtZHoOefNxgEu5XF (50.8 KB)

something went wrong with uploading. (50.8 KB)

You should right click and internalize your input geometry.

sorry, maybe is better if I share the complete file. I’m a new grasshopper user so i have not so much experience. These vaults are the last part of this model.
Casanova Church (109.7 KB)

I exchanged the A and C point input on the highlighted components since that left you with that set of surfaces with their normals in the other direction.

The vaults can be split without a curve.

Casanova Church (78.4 KB)

Thank you! You saved me!