I tried to build a vault mesh

I just wanna try something vault structure,
but It is my first time to use grasshopper, i don’t get it how to use it and how to generate the rules.
So i need your help desperately for my assignment.

first of all, I want to build like this 6M(w) x 6M(l) x 4.24(h) roof structure with dome.
unit 4x4.pdf (572.8 KB)
Unit.pdf (5.3 MB)

and i watch some youtube tutorial for the “vault structure”
but it’s weird, and it is not a format what i want.
vault.gh (13.1 KB)

tit is the video that i watched to reference.

thank you all for reading. And I really appreciate, if you have an idea to solve my problem.

Hi @twing-cle

The structure in that pdf looks like an array of trimmed spherical domes.
If you want to do this, it is more regular modelling than form-finding, and you don’t need Kangaroo or even Grasshopper to do this.
How much experience do you have modelling in Rhino?

Actually, this is my first time using the project for Rhino and I need a grasshopper for simulating climate conditions when we change the volume size. (My prof demand me to use grasshopper for responding efficient the changing the volume parametric.)