Rhino Script Compiler V7 issue

I have this issue on two differents computers.

For SEO purpose, I paste the output here.

Rhinoceros Script Compiler
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Compiling RHP Plugin

1. Generating source for RHP plugin...
   Creating project directory:
   Writing source code files:

2. Setting compiler parameters...
   Output path set
   Embedding resources
   .NET Framework referenced (system.dll)
   Microsoft Core Library referenced (mscorlib.dll)

   WarningLevel:         3
   GenerateInMemory:     False
   GenerateExecutable:   False
   DebugInformation:     False
   CompilerOptions:      /target:library /optimize

3. Compiling plugin assembly from source files...
     Compilation successfully completed at mardi 6 avril 2021, 12:29:47

Building yak distributionThe compiler generated the following errors:
 Message:Le format de la chaîne d'entrée est incorrect.
Press any key to continue

Did you a find a solution to this yak error ?

Can you explain how did you manage to run a debug build from the compiler ?

I’m able to generate the source file, but I don’t have any experience compiling C# files, is it free to do it with Visual Code ? Any advice ?

This seems like a text formatting bug when attempting to create a yak package,

When you ran the compiler and got an error, did you get an rhp file in your output directory? If you got an rhp, we can try walking through the process of manually creating a yak package

No I don’t have any RHP file. I am stuck to create a plugin.

J’ai exactement le même problème

Hello @stevebaer and @will,

I didn’t see any changes about it in your last updates, do you have any idea how we could help you to solve this issue ? Maybe we can manage a teamviewer or teams ?


Very good news here !
I still have the yak building issue. The output directory that I specify is used to generate the source files and not to build it. I indeed get the RHP file in the called “project directory” (created in my temp folder) and I can load it perfectly.
It solves a part of my problem.

If you want to have a look at my project directory created with the last version of Rhino 7, I attach it.

43ac10a9-53ae-443f-b5ba-f7111388a2b3.zip (3.4 MB)

I believe this is related to running on a non-English version of Windows and I am still trying to pin down the exact location where the bug exists. In the directory where the rhp is created, do you see any other files or subdirectories?

I don’t see any other file than the one in the zipped folder up there in my previous post.

Good news; I was able to repeat this issue by switching the script compiler to run under a French culture. If you need help creating a yak package of your rhp in the mean time you should be able to do this manually using the yak instructions at

I have logged the bug at

Thanks a lot for the last release ! It’s working perfectly now :smiley:

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Hello, i tried to compile this gh file but i got errors


I had this issue when I loaded my scripts from a path containing spaces. (C:/folder with space/script.py)

Try to put everything in a simple folder at the root of your storage drive to test.

The folder was desktop, no space
But i will keep this in mind to avoid similar problem in future, thanks

I guess… use \ instead of / …
Windows paths are C:\...\...\

The tool open the file, and the user don’t have a choice to use / or \

wasn’t there a thing with putting a @ before paths in c# to use the string literally?

path = @"C:\etc.gh"

I think Windows supports both path separators, but it’s better to use ‘/’ for cross-compability

I don’t use c# , i followd the steps in the video

Can you send me the project file that is causing errors?