Help! Rhino Script Compiler works error

Hi stevebaer,

This is the test python code file with some licensing/security. (3.9 KB)

I have tested the python code in the Rhino5-SR14 PythonScript and it works well.

But I have used the new Rhino Script Compiler for compiling the test python code file, it builds a .rhp plugin file and use this file for testing in the Rhino, it doesn’t work well like in the PythonScript.

How can I do this with Rhino Script Compiler?

Please help me. Thank you.




Hi stevebaer.

Could you have some times look this? I’m not very clear about the compiler. I have asked some people, and they didn’t know.



You are more likely to get an answer if you describe your problem in more detail.

What “works well” and what “doesn’t work well” doesn’t say very much and would leave it open to time consuming guess work about what the problem is. People are busy, or on vacation. :slight_smile:

Point out what result you expect, and what you get instead. Try also to point out, in clear text in your post, where in the code it seems that something is going wrong.

We all struggle with clarity, but out of respect for people trying to help us we should always try very hard to be as clear as possible.

// Rolf

Hi Alen,
Sorry for not getting back to you sooner on this issue. This sounds like a bug in the compiler since it is causing your script to behave different than when executed in an ‘uncompiled’ state. We’ve heard a few other reports of this in the past and will try to investigate to see what is going wrong.


some things you may try before compiling it again:

  1. Remove trippled double quotes from the script after each function name / use #
  2. Remove all comments at the end (right side of code lines)
  3. Remove the special chars in line 103 if you can go without them
  4. Remove if __name__=="__main__", put code into functions and call without

btw. uncompiled i get a error: Message: str is not callable in lines 72 and 93.


Hi stevebaer,

How to fix this now ?

eg. how did I modify the code ?