Script compiler error

I attempted to compile my plug in using the new compiler in the latest V7 RC and I got this error:


What does this mean? More importantly, how do I fix it?



Hey Dan,
Can you send me your compiler project file? I’m not sure what is causing that and would like to see if I can repeat the exception.

Hi @stevebaer

Here it is. I had to zip it as this forum disallowed that file type. (5.2 KB)



Hi @stevebaer

I should mention that I tried again with only a couple of scripts to compile and the error was still there. That makes me think it’s not related to the contents of the scripts.

Just thought that might be worth mentioning.



I think I have this fixed. The script compiler in next week’s 7.3 release candidate should work now.

Thanks Steve. I’ll give it another try next week.

I just downloaded the current version of Rhino7 (7.2.21012.11001, 1/12/21) and now my script compiler is not working. Also same message as above.

I’ve submitted the error to and I heard back from Dale ( who said I needed to post the error here.

It looks like DanBayn beat me to this bug report though.

1 - Any likelihood we can see a fix for this soon?
2 - Is there a way to downgrade Rhino7 to the version that did work with the Script compiler?? Usually this isn’t advised, but I need to use the compiler.

Would rather see option 1!

Please see my post above. There will be a fix available this week

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for all your back end work on the software.

I’m having a project relying on this feature, so just trying to plan work if I can…does the release come out on Friday? Or any ETA?


It doesn’t look we put a release candidate out this week. My guess is next Tuesday we’ll release one. You can watch this post for updates

Should I speak with Brian Gillespie about this specific issue since it’s not mentioned on that page?

You just need to wait until a new release candidate for 7.3 becomes available. It looks like one is being put together right now. With luck you’ll see updates in the next hour.

Update: I was wrong. Looks like we were getting a hotfix put together for 7.2. There will probably be a new 7.3 release candidate on Tuesday

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