Rhino Script Compiler V7 issue

Thanks a lot for the last release ! It’s working perfectly now :smiley:

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Hello, i tried to compile this gh file but i got errors


I had this issue when I loaded my scripts from a path containing spaces. (C:/folder with space/script.py)

Try to put everything in a simple folder at the root of your storage drive to test.

The folder was desktop, no space
But i will keep this in mind to avoid similar problem in future, thanks

I guess… use \ instead of / …
Windows paths are C:\...\...\

The tool open the file, and the user don’t have a choice to use / or \

wasn’t there a thing with putting a @ before paths in c# to use the string literally?

path = @"C:\etc.gh"

I think Windows supports both path separators, but it’s better to use ‘/’ for cross-compability

I don’t use c# , i followd the steps in the video

Can you send me the project file that is causing errors?