Rhino related system freezing being reported?

Several users here have reported their system freezing for 5-10 seconds frequently and they have noticed that it only happens if Rhino 8 is open, but not the active program.

I haven’t noticed it on my machine, but I don’t use Rhino as consistently as some of the designers. Is there something I can have them look out for, or log to help identify the cause? If it is a Rhino bug I would like to help get that identified, and if it’s some stupid windows/bluetooth/logitech dongle/other software bug, then it would be great to help identify that. If I have it happen to me, I’d probably quickly check out event viewer to see if windows logs anything. I’m also wondering if maybe it has something to do with having/not having admin privileges. A few users have some sort of autoelevate system, but they aren’t able to run the software as admin. Others have exceptions for a software to run as admin, and a Few users have a user that has admin, but that is getting fairly quickly filtered away. I have noticed it is really difficult to identify which software runs, but has some issues without running as admin. Often there are conflicts with things like not being admin, running something that uses GPU calculation, and using a dock. It runs, but there’s sometimes a 30 second or more delay. Terrible, and awful to try and identify the cause.

Just asking if others have noticed this issue, and see if we can’t figure out a root cause.

Hi @kalamazandy it would be helpful to get their systeminfo. I haven’t heard of this issue before