Rhino Nature Plugin - Alpha stage is completed

Hello everyone,

i’m very excited to (finally) introduce you new plugin coming for Rhino. It’s called ‘Rhino Nature’. So far it took a fair amount of time to get things working as they should, maintain live update during changes and the most important part provide non-destructive workflow while scattering hundreds of thousands of objects around now you can always go back and tweak things to taste at any time. The plugin provides many types of displaying geometry to ensure that viewport remains always responsive. It also provides a wide range of scattering algorithms from grid-based, through uv driven to purely random creation patterns. Supports all other stuff like altitude and slope falloffs, density and clustering control using curves or bitmaps.

Here are a few images created within one work day during latest alpha tests:

This is how it looks in viewport during setup:

Here is also small UI sneak peek:

More info soon ( I hope ) :slight_smile:

P.S. In the meantime i’ve setup fb page: Redirecting...

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This looks promising! Can’t wait to be able to test it out.

Can you do Oceans ?

@ra_mull Soon i’ll be looking for beta testers :wink:

@alexandre_galin What do you mean by oceans? This is not a fluid simulation plugin.

I’d be happy to be on the short list for that!

Does this have similar scope as Forest Pack? particularly the amount of geometry that could be scattered?

Well yes. So far i was able to render 1 milion of invidual objects which were drawn using point cloud representation what is total of ~100 milions of points in viewport when orbiting around the scene.


This looks terrific and is greatly needed for Rhino. Are you developing a website for this as well? I’m assuming this is a paid for plugin?

Nice work,

This is very interesting!

Yeah, I was also wondering… How much will it cost (approximately)?


@Ryan4 @Philip i think fair price for such plug will be ~100-125 EUR after launch for 3 mths there will be 99 EUR entry sale for sure :wink: This probably will be permanent node-locked licence - it will for sure include v1.xx updates - no maintanace plans.

Ok, great! Thanks! :+1:


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Sounds fair to me. And this should work with any of Rhino’s render plugins, correct? As long as those plugin’s will support Rhino blocks, right?


Good to hear. Well here’s the most tricky part - since Rhino don’t have (now) an appropriate way to handle such data for render engines I’ve prepared already own dll solution to share necessary data with render engines and they can implement it if they want - At this point in time any scattering system can be baked into document for eg. on hidden layer and then yes those objects will behave as any other block in scene and will be rendered with any plug supporting blocks - Although we’ve talked already with @nathanletwory and @andy and they assured me that they have in mind to provide a way to be independent and provide data for engines without engaging render engines devs. However i don’t know any ETA for that unfortunatelly.

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Understood. I know these things get very complicated when you’re dealing with external plug in’s.

@Ryan4 sometimes yes but I had that in mind and hooking to this data for any dev through dll is very easy - the only needed part is a desire of hooking to it :star_struck:

Sounds good. I use Octane mostly, and the developer of the Rhino Plugin, Paul, is very easy to work with and very open to user input. So it’s good to hear you had this in mind from the beginning.

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One thing I forgot to ask… I hope/assume this will be for both Windows and Mac…?


@Philip unfortunately not, at least not the first release :frowning: UI is built on Win stuff so Mac won’t support it also since it is compatible with v5 and v6 there’s no way to support Eto… but (!) that obviously doesn’t mean that there won’t be in future Mac version for eg. when v6 will fully arrive on Mac.

I see. That’s a shame as your plug-in seems very interesting. Oh well…
I hope it will be available on the Mac when V6 for OS X is ready and shipping.


@Philip, in this case, it is fortunately only UI adaptation for Mac OS so it’s not like an impossible task but rather little time-consuming.

@Ryan4 would you mind contacting me with Paul?