Rhino Nature Released

Hi, everyone!

Finally! I know, I know … finally! The day has come and I’d like to proudly present you Rhino Nature plugin. Rhino Nature is an advanced non-destructive scattering tool for Rhino. You can finally populate your scenes with virtually unlimited numbers of objects without leaving Rhino, as you like, and adjust settings to your taste at any point in time.

The best way to get rough idea whats the fuss about is to watch its trailer:

I hope you will really enjoy working with it!

To find out more about it and grab own copy visit: https://rhinonature.com/
To follow recent news about it: Rhino Nature @ FB


Masterfully made Przemyslaw!
You’ve filled a big hole in my Rhino world and workflow! :smiley:

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Great !! @D-W
How can I apply for Educational license _ still UG student _

Huge congrats @D-W - it’s looking really impressive! Although we mostly do product design, I can still see several features we might use, but… we render outside of Rhino (Keyshot) and I can’t figure out if the assets (like the included trees etc.) can be exported or if the exist solely as proxies for Vray and Octane?
TIA, Jakob

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I’m very sorry @oasctajd theres no EDU licensing at all, after long talks we decided internaly (beta + early access) that price is so affordable that theres no need to create next mechanisms for EDU licensing.

@Normand thanks for kind words! You can bake anything into document - assets are made by my hand and fits 3 engines (Octane, Thea and V-Ray) in full and proxy geometry versions BUT … RN will toss anything you’ll feed it :slight_smile:


Would it work with enscape and D5 render - they’re developing a rhino plugin these days will launch next month so they can support it also -
I can’t afford this price as I’m Living in 3rd world country and I need to work for a month for it :smiley:
and I’m using trial version for rhino for my school also not Edu as It’s hard also :grin:

We talked with Enscape few times and they refused to directly support maybe they will change their mind after release. Never talked with D5 if you can point them here → Integrations - Rhino Nature Help

Enscape work perfectly through baking as any other engine… Real deal is direct link where you save tons of RAM and diskspace and ofc time because of speed between change/rendering iterations.

Please contact me directly we’ll find some way out :wink:

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One of the first things I ever wanted to do in Grasshopper was scattering some different grass patches with splatmap. If I had your tool back then, It would need a different reason to try GH :wink:

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You mean this ? :sweat_smile:

This square with texture is a widget for quick editing instead of UV but if you like do it via UV you also can - no problem at all :slight_smile:


Yes, this technique. At that time I wasn’t even aware of methods like this being used so I felt very smart with “my idea” :smiley: Great that you can use it inside RN, it gives a lot of freedom. If it can be automatically reloaded when the file changes, then together with “generate image assets” in Photoshop you can have something like “live link” which is very satisfying to watch.

Nah … Then you are looking for this and this is called procedural clustering in RN :slight_smile:


So, now I’m waiting for some good promo videos highlighting features like this. Looks promising.

I just bought it and installed it, but I don’t know where to start. can you please make (VIDEO TUTORIALS) on how to use it?

+1 for tutorials!
Played with it for a while yesterday and was about to fetch my wallet, but although I could figure out some basics, not everything is quite intuitive.
Also, it would be quite desirable to make it work with Enscape.
Thank you!

@delosang @Eugen first source of information is always manual Getting started - Rhino Nature Help. And just for the record, I answer any customers questions via support email, soon for sure there will be also webinar where I will show also different techniques how to tackle different scenarios.

I will prepare video tutorials for sure just making this happen all at once is bit too much - otherwise release would have been delayed (again).

Well, as I said feel free to tell them you want direct bridge I’ve contacted them many times already and beta users also… That’s a company, they do what they want and it is super closed in terms of contacting with any developer there for example.

Besides that ANY rendering engine can render RN output when it is baked

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Thank you, Przemyslaw!
I forgot to say congratulations for this achievement!!
The UI looks well thought out and clean anyway. This is usually a hint that the software itself is equally well designed. ; }
If the UI would adapt to a dark theme, it would be great (package manager > colorscheme).

Sidenote: Enscape is a great renderer. Unfortunately they are quite hermetic when it comes to users contacting their devs directly. There’s this super friendly forum moderator, but their devs must be unbelievably brilliant or something, not to be disturbed by lowly users…
I will check again how to bake Nature geometry to make it work.
Best regards

Thanks for kind words Eugen!

I will take a look and find out how to adapt it until fisr update!

If so maybe would be good to poke him a about RN. I’m always ready to help with the integration.

Select Ecosystem > Bake button and thats all. Make sure to turn on RN::Export layer - It is off by default for user safety to not blow up Rhino when huge things are made.


is there any coupon?i wanna buy it right now! :heart_eyes:

@Trimanonymous What kind of coupon? RN now is for the whole month (or two we’ll see) on an introductory sale. The regular single license price is 159 EUR.

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thx!I’ve bought it! i cant wait!hahaha.Thank you for your efforts!