Rhino Nature Plugin - Alpha stage is completed

Ok, thanks!


Thank you for taking this on!
Please sign me up for Beta!
(mostly using Iray, but some RHcycles/RHrender).


@dtmurcielago Just to be sure - you wrote to me on FB ?

tho fb is a typically rare place to find me these days.


We really do have to get this working - and there is already a system in Rhino to do this - it’s called “Custom render meshes”. My understanding is that there are some issues that you have with instancing that you need resolved before you can use it.

In my mind, it’s critical that you get your stuff working with custom render meshes - because then you will automatically get support for all rendering engines, without vendors having to specifically support your plug-in.

Let’s get this sorted out. I’m willing to help as much as necessary to get it done ASAP. How about we start by taking this offline - you can email me at andy@mcneel.com, or we can use some kind of instant messaging, so we don’t bore people with the details.

  • Andy

Hi @andy ,

i’ve sent you PM on forum. It very nice to see helpful hand. I already tested CRM many times however it just cannot be used in its original form because it have more than a huge impact of user experience - producing enormous file sizes and also having a huge impact on viewport performance. Check PM i hope we’ll solve this ASAP - but as always there will be a drawback for backward compatibility new/ rebuilt system won’t solve issue for people in v5.

Hey @D-W,
Thomas from Skatter here.

I’m glad to see you’re about to release, this looks very promising!
My best of luck for the release stage :wink:

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can’t wait !

Happy Halloween! :ghost:


No pięknie! :wink:

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Happy Halloween to you as well!

When will it be published and available to users?

Looks nice

There’s no exact ETA yet. We’ll see how beta will proceed, it’s almost on the starting line.

@Ryan4 @kro1 Thanks guys!

Hi @ Przemysław Doliwa ,

May i ask you about the file size if you are using RHN plugin ?

Its nothing more than your geometry in the file - if you will bake it to doc it depends how many copies of insance you will have around. I made small test and when i linked object as a ref block from other file and added simple srf file had ~100KB after quick setup and baking ~12500 objects file size is ~7800KB what gives ~0.6 KB per object but… if you won’t bake it and you’ll use linked 3dm file (i believe the same applies to vray proxy objects) and render there’s no filesize footprint at all (as soon as @andy will be ready this will be possible with v6 newest SR - in earlier versions it will depend on render engine developers) - and if you will put just your object in scene it will have footprint only of its single block definition.

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I am interested too,…now what can i do?waiting for news?
Or what?

Yep just wait :slight_smile: If anything will popup I’ll let everybody know here on Discourse.

Oh and about news - the website address is: http://rhinonature.com


Well done:heart_eyes:

How will the final version of this plugin be released?