Rhino.Inside won't load in Revit 2021


I’ve installed Rhino.Inside on my new work machine, and newly installed Revit 2021 won’t seem to load Rhino.Inside. I don’t get an error message or anything, it just doesn’t load the plug-in…

Any ideas would be appreciated.


same hier!

Last installer works for Revit 2021, please update from here.

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Works now! Thanks

Using Revit 2021 and the latest installer Rhino.Inside is running but sample python components are throwing an error. This is from the Window Geometry and Material definition:

  1. Runtime error (MissingMemberException): ‘RhinoInside.Revit.Convert’ object has no attribute ‘ToRhino’

line 20, in get_geom_element_props, “”
line 32, in script

Also using Revit 2020 and the lastest installer Rhino.Inside and getting the exact same Runtime error (1. Solution exception:‘RhinoInside.Revit.Convert’ object has no attribute ‘ToRhino’)

The underlying Rhino.Inside.Revit API has changes quite a lot which makes the previous .Convert method break in the scripted components. See the explanation on the post below:

I navigated to the link to the latest installer posted here. It seems to not work in Revit 2021 now. Maybe something changed?

It seems to be working in Revit 2019.

It is working for me in Revit 2021.

Is this the same problem you identify at the top of the thread?

Still does not show anything? No messages?

Thanks for your response Scott. Yes I have the same problem as described at the top of the thread, and it was interesting to me that the installer seemed to work for 2019.

That’s helpful to know it’s still working for others. I might need to check under the hood on my end.

Could you please double check you have RhinoInside.Revit.addin file at %PROGRAMDATA%\Autodesk\Revit\Addins\2021 folder?

Kike, no I don’t have that file in that location. And I confirmed it is in the Revit 2019 folder.

Please open the Windows Registry Editor and look for this key.


It should look like this.

Thanks Kike. I guess this could be the problem?

Thanks @bryanalcorn,

Now we need to figure out if this is something “normal” and adjust our installer to handle this situation.

Microsoft documentation says it should be absolute.

But we do need to make it work. :grinning:

Is your Revit installed at ‘C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Revit 2021\’?

We have updated the installer.

Now installer handles Revit ARPINSTALLLOCATION relative path assuming it is relative to “%PROGRAMFILES%\Autodesk”.

This should solve your problem.


Thanks a lot, Kike.
I think I have the same issue. After installing the addon with the latest version just a few mins ago, I still got the same pop-out window saying the addon has expired.
I have Revit 2017 and 2021 installed and both of them are having the same issue.
Please refer the screenshot below.

Much appreciated for all your help!

We do need to improve this message.

But it means Rhino.Inside WIP expired.
Since it is in WIP phase it expires every 45 days and you need to download it again.

You can do it from here or clicking on ‘Check for updates’.

Please try clearing your browser cache before download:

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hi everyone! :slight_smile:
i can’t start rhino inside, does anyone know why? i can’t understand what’s going on, cuz i’ve checked all your suggestions, but i couldn’t manage to make it start.
also grassopper doesn’t show rhino inside menu bar…
thanks a lot


Hi Kike
I got the same problem. Even i cleaned up my browser.
Any help please