Rhino freezes on secondary monitor (Problem with the Nihimic audio driver on the motherboard)

When you uninstalled it using the Device Manager, did you also check the box “Delete the driver software for this device.” ? If not, please do so. Otherwise, Windows will be able to recognize it again, and simply reinstall the drivers that are already on your system see pic.


I would also check to see if Nahimic is running as a “Service” … my bet is that it is… Start the TaskManager (right-click on TaskBar, select Task Manager)… Click on the Services tab…if you don’t see one, then make sure you click the “More details” option…that will display all of the tabs. By default, all services will be sorted by Name… if not, then click the “Name” column header to make sure it is…just makes searching easier… Now look for something called “Nahimic” or possibly “A-Volute Nh3 Audio Effects” …or any derivative thereof. If you find anything that looks like it’s related, then chances are it is running as a Service…which makes removing it a little more difficult/complicated…

You can try right-clicking on the service and select “Stop” if it’s running…but chances are it’s just going to start back up again…they’re like viruses IMO. The better way is to click the “Open Services” link at the bottom of the Task Manager window…that will open up a new window that looks similar to the Task Manager’s, only you’ll now have more control over all of the Services… Find the service you were looking at in the Task Manager and double-click it. That will bring up the options for that service… There is a dropdown option called “Startup type”… Set that to “Disabled”. Also take note right above the dropdown…there is a field named “Path to executable”… that will show you exactly where the application is located that is running that service.

Once disabled… Try locating that “Path to executable” I mentioned above… Rename the entire folder that contains that executable… Reboot you computer.

After rebooting, check the Services again, and make sure the service you tried disabling is no longer running… If it’s not… Try Rhino at this point… assuming you got the right service, the problem should be solved… If the problem is solved, then go back to the folder you renamed…and DELETE IT! If the problem is still there, then try repeating the process, looking for another service that fits the criteria.

The quick searches I did the other day kept mentioning “A-Volute” … so my guess is that’s what will be the identifying factor… Try looking in C:\ProgramData for A-Volute* (note: that’s “ProgramData” not “Program Files”). If you see anything with that name, try renaming the folder…after which, reboot and re-test.

A last ditch effort would be to search your entire disk for NahimicOSD.DLL … once located, do whatever it takes to delete or rename that file…and then reboot.

Let me know if any of this helps or doesn’t make sense.