Rhino for Mac Release Candidate 1

Rhino for Mac is almost here! The Release Candidate (RC) is a full commercial product that runs with 90-day evaluation, commercial, and educational (but not WIP) license keys. When you download RC, you will start your 90-day evaluation period.

We will ship the current RC as Rhino 5 for Mac unless you tell us about a significant problem.

What will happen:

  1. Your Rhino 5 for Mac WIP will stop working on June 3, 2015.
  2. Download the latest Release Candidate before June 3rd. (Watch for an email with your 90-day evaluation license key and a download link.)
  3. In the next few weeks, we will announce Rhino for Mac, including special introductory pricing and where to buy. You will be among the first to know.


Please let us know if you see a problem that should be fixed before we release.


I think your “Rhino 5 for Windows Commands that are not in Rhino Mac” page would benefit greatly from a table format with columns for ‘Mac alternative’, ‘planned for later’, ‘not on roadmap’ and a comment column for amplification where appropriate. A sentence that asserts that the list is exhaustive as of a stated date would inspire confidence that the information is as good as it can be.


Heck froze over…ship it!

i like the new icon

Im having problems with Rhino Mac. Once I install the new Version I click on Evaluate and it opens up http://www.rhino3d.com/download/rhino-for-mac/5/evaluation and it won’t let me use it. It stays on the pop up window. Is this happening to anyone else?
This is where I get stuck:

Try instead clicking on the ‘Enter a License’ button. It will then prompt you to enter the license code that was previously sent to your email containing the download link. Your license code should appear under list item #3 in the email.

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in the list of “other software used” during registration Onshape is missing :wink:

Any idea about pricing or migration path? I like the Rhino 4 model with a simple serial that just works. I’d like to be able to switch between Mac and occasionally the Windows version (using Grasshopper). Would the license allow this?

No, Rhino for Windows and Rhino for Mac licenses are separate, there is no “migration” possible. Keep your eye out for e-mails with pricing and introductory offers in the next few weeks.


Exciting stuff! If you haven’t already done this for the release, please, please, please enable the export custom commands feature so we can easily refer to customized commands in rich text or a spreadsheet.

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what should i do next!!! i cannot open the rhino anymore

Hi Ariane,

Please upgrade your Mac to a newer version of OS X.

This is very exiting news.

I am probably one of a small number of users who has never used the Windows version. I bought my first 3D modeling software (trueSpace) in 1997 shortly after Rhino Version 1 was released, and had been using it ever since.

When I switched from Windows to Mac in 2007, because I no longer wanted to suffer the daily indignities Windows was throwing at me, I did not want to get the Windows Rhino version. Then trueSpace was bought by Microsoft, and they killed it.

I then heard about the ongoing development of Rhino Mac, and started to work with it in 2012. Many things were not working yet, and I was continuously frustrated using it. I kept coming back to it, and now I can do almost anything I need to do with it. (It would be nice to have 360 degree animation).

I was even able to contribute to the development a little bit by finding a few bugs, which makes me feel I am part of this great community of developers, designers, resellers, etc.

I am looking forward to using RC 1 and later the full release.

I can only begin to imagine how exited the developers must be right now.


Sorry no Mac in reach with 10.10.3.

Since the implementation of the feature where we no lomger save, there are two problems.

  1. i open the file to say view or print or export to another format, usually with a client. i exit and am forced the ‘revert’ the file, even though i never wanted to save it in the first place. eavery time the file will be corruptwd saying invalid obect in the file. luckily i keep backup copies of my files.

  2. If i open a file and start making changes, i can no longer choose save as because the file is already saved. If i then choose ‘duplicate’, i end up with both a copy and my original that reflect my changes, so my original is lost.

I would prefer the file does not save until i give it the go ahead.