Rhino for Mac Release Candidate 1

Installing RC1 delete my progress on my models that I have been modelling for a while.
I cant save them. I have to download RC1 but to install RC1 I have to close Rhino!
It would be great if you can fix this.

I had the same problem, not able to save the file after Rhino expired while I was using it. Is there anyway to export the modelling into RC1?

@brian, @marlin, @dan… any ideas?

This bug was fixed about two months ago in a newer WIP release. I think this had to do with license validation.

Try this: from the Rhinoceros menu, click Preferences. In the licenses tab, click “enter a new license key”. Then put in your WIP license key that we emailed you last time you downloaded.

At that point you should be able to save, exit, and then install RC1.

same issue !!! also tried to enter new license key , but did not work. i installed the new version as a copy in hope to be able to copy paste my work into moell of new version, but also not possible . any ideas. would be really bad to loose the whole model

I also use Flamingo is this supported or when will it be supported. I currently use windows on my Mac to run Rhino 5 and Flamingo, I can’t tell you how pleased I will be to be rid of it once Flamingo is usable for mac

Simple question: I do not have a Rhino version for windows anymore, I’m downloading the evaluation version and the mail message with license key tells that it will expire on August 25, will the official version be released and purchasable until that day? It’s a simple but pretty important question… Let me know, thank you!

From the first post in this thread, posted two weeks ago.

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Will there be some sort of student pricing available for us college students still learning?

is paneling tools available for this release? I don’t see a menu for it like on the windows version, and the usual “pt” commands don’t seem to be available either.

It has been removed from the RC releases, but is still in the WIP releases.

You have to use the pt commands, no icons

Please see Rhino for Mac - Removed Features


It’s been a couple weeks or three. Is there pricing information available yet? Just price info would help start an approval process in the workplace.

No, there has been no pricing announcement yet. If you need to get the approval process started, request funding for Rhino for Windows pricing. Rhino for Mac will not cost more than Rhino for Windows.

I own the WIN License, I registered to buy the MAC license.
Now after working for 3 hours Rhino tells me I can’t save because it has expired.
Could you at least warn the people with a popup when you open the programm that it wont be able to save.

Which version are you using, the WIP or the RC2? --Mitch

WIP, tried to enter the Evaluation license key I requested which wasn’t accepted.
Ended up to close the file and install the evaluation (RC2?)
Thanks for trying to help though!