Rhino 8 Viewport Print Scaling Broken

Viewport print scaling is broken in R8.1 for (at least) physical printer and AdobePDF. RhinoPDF may be OK.

Here are physical prints by R8 and R7 from the same document:

Both set to scale of 1:25.

Here’s the drawing:
Living Room Lighting.3dm (74.9 KB)

Here’s the Adobe PDF:
Living Room Lighting Adobe pdf.pdf (40.5 KB)

Here’s the Rhino PDF:
Living Room Lighting Rhino pdf.pdf (284.3 KB)



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(Yet another bloody bump)

C’mon guys, let’s have a response - being able to print from Rhino is still important…

i have a similar problem! i want print a A4 paper, all setting of the preview is ok for A4 but my printer made a A3 with a wrong scale :sweat_smile:

But with Rhino PDF is ok…

I cannot seem to reproduce that behavior here on two computers in latest builds.

I’m on SRC2. What version are you on?

Hi @Gijs,

I’ve just tried this in RC3 and the problem is still there. To reproduce, set focus on the top view in the previously supplied example, select print and in the dialogue choose a physical printer, A4 paper, landscape, and set the scale to 1:25. The preview image should fit nicely on an A4 page in landscape. Then print. The reality does not match the preview!

Same printing to Adobe PDF instead of a physical printer.


Hi @jeremy5

This was a known issue that should be fixed in Rhino 8 SR1. It’s fix went in yesterday and is passing through the final testing.


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Thanks for the update. I await next week’s RC with eager anticipation.

Here’s an internal build if you can’t wait until next week.

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Hi @stevebaer, @Trav

Thanks for the dujour build. I have done some testing on it. In this release the image will scale to 1:25 and, given the right circumstances, be well placed. However, unfortunately there is more to be done.

Issue 1 - Changing scale can break placement:
Printing defaults to ‘Scaled To Fit’. I then change to a standard scale (1:25). The image is well-placed if I have the drawing at zoom extents in the viewport. If not, then the placement is off. Contrast these two previews:

(The problem shown in the preview is reflected in the actual print.)

Issue 2 - ‘Scaled to Fit’ inaccurate:
As seen above, the drawing fits on the paper at a scale of 4% (1:25). ‘Scaled to Fit’ sets it to 3.36%, leaving too much white space.

Issue 3 - Mixed units:
I am using a millimeter small template and A4 paper. All dimensions in the print preview are expressed in millimeters except for the ‘On Paper’ size which relentlessly defaults to inches (see above). This should also be in millimeters.

Issue 4 - Forgotten scale:
If you open a saved drawing the print preview shows the last used printer, but does not recall the last used scale, reverting to ‘Scaled to Fit’. I don’t know if this is by design or a bug, but it would be much more useful when quickly reprinting documents if the last used scale was remembered.

I hope this feedback is useful.


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Thanks Jeremy, very useful feedback. @Trav do we have YT issues for the above already?

Looks like Mary reopened https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-77985 with similar findings.


Thank you for sharing Steve!

Testing this with some other print issues I’ve been having as well.