Rhino 8 print dialogue: scaling is completely broken with latest upgrade

The title is all I can say, because the scaling is so completely broken, that I cannot even describe it, because it behaves so randomly.
It is totally infuriating.

The object in this file is an office chair (image distorted by me) modelled to scale and in front view and printing from this file to an image file worked perfectly well until I upgraded to the latest version two days ago (8.4.24023.15001).

Usually, to print projected views I would zoom fit to maximise the object in the viewport, then select “to extents” in the printing dialogue and slightly change the scale manually to increase margins. This way image scale and positioning can be kept uniform between multiple projections (front/right/top etc.)
Now the first thing that is obvious is that scaling is completely off: while it used to be around 1:4 or 25% it now shows 8487.92% when “to extents” works, which it usually doesn’t.
Worse, manipulating this absurd scale (again e.g. to slightly change margins) result in completely random behavior or no behavior at all and the scaling isn’t even consistent to what is shown in the preview window.
Going on to try to print nevertheless (maybe it is just the preview) results in an error message telling me the image would require “too many pixels”, which is completely nonsensical, because printing is set to 3000 by 3000 pixel image file.
“scale to fit” “custom” and other settings in the scale drop down are setting themselves randomly, not that they would do what they are saying.
I don’t know what you did to the print dialogue in this latest version, but it is definitely not working.

Edit: added error dialogue window
Screenshot 2024-01-25 132850

I see this behavior in the controls and found the cause. I have pushed a fix and this should go out with the final 8.4 RH-80003

As for the size issue, I’d have to see more of the print setup to see where the size is growing too large.

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Hi Travis, thanks for the quick response.
The original file is quite big and I cannot disclose it.
So I substituted the chair with a simple cylinder of similar size and exported it to a new, much smaller file.
I checked the printing behavior and it presents all the problems of the original file.

2024-01-25-McNeel-printbug–rh8.3dm (3.6 MB)

I also made a screenshot of my print settings as these are not safed with the file I guess.

I hope this helps you to reproduce the problem.

Another observation:
When I try to change the scale in the print dialogue by changing the “in model” value, the scale dropdown automatically flips to 100:1 but the relation “on paper”/“in model” clearly is not 100:1
Changing then to “Custom” or “Fit to scale” has no effect and remains unresponsive.

And another test:
In the current rhino 9 wip print scaling seems to be working just as expected.

RH-80003 is fixed in Rhino 8 Service Release 4 Release Candidate

RH-80003 is fixed in Rhino 8 Service Release 4