Printing problem Rhino8

Printing problem in Rhino 8.

I can’t print physical A4 paper in rhino 8. All settings are same at Rhino 7. Same wiew prints correctly in version 7 and otherwise printing works ok in other programs. Apparently there is some kind of scaling error when the printer reports the whole error.
There is also a problem when printing a JPG image. Can’t turn A4 size vertically or horizontally. PDF is working.
Is there a solution to this problem?

Hi Harri,

Please ensure you are on the latest, there have been some recent Printing issues fixed. If the issues persists we can get a bug report filed.

With the JPG output are you changing the settings here? This is the same behavior as 7 (it doesn’t inherit from the layout/print settings)


I take screenshot.I downloaded the latest update but the problem persists. Does not agree to print A4 size.

My printer says at add A5 paper. Rhino 7 workin well…