Can Rhino 8's Layer Menu be made as small as Rhino 7's?

@stevebaer, @Helvetosaur, @pascal, @wim ,
Rhino 7 on left Rhino 8 on right in picture below:

It would be good to shrink the height of the Layer lines so more could be seen without scrolling.

After all the care and consideration that went into improving the Menu,Tool and Icons lines, it appears the candle burned out before the same was done to the Layer menu.

Please, please fix this. My workflow can use many layers while also needing a large Command line area for messages. This results in having to vertically scroll the layer menu in order to see a reasonable number of layers. Rhino 8 will be more difficult to work with unless this is improved.

Maybe the inclusion of the new icons at the end of each Layer line required this??? Maybe there is an option to adjust this? If so, please point it out.



Well, I have no direct influence over this, but yes, another example of screen space ‘decompression’ for V8. I am happy to see that in the latest WIP the viewport borders as well as the .... handles have slimmed down somewhat, hopefully the layer panel and other things can follow the same path…

It looks as though it could get worse too, with the ongoing development of layout visibility features. Some collapsible sections containing related settings would help with this. How often do you need to see all of the settings for a layer at the same time?

Never for my use case. Typically I use only layer selection and sometimes color and material.

The layer menu size is getting out of hand. Hopefully its area efficiency will be made more competitive with Rhino 7’s before release.


Hi Terry -

We have that on the list as RH-74978 Decrease padding in Layer dialog.

Excellent news!!