Rhino 8 Bug Report

Thanks for the reports, these are being reviewed and a Test machine configured to match yours. There hasn’t been any luck reproducing on other configs (M1, Sonoma, …)

A couple thing that would help.

on the crash "rotating end point from 36 curves, controlled by 3 points each " in 8.2, is that still reproducible? Can you provide the file and context (view(s) open, display mode, steps to repro)

If the above is OK, are there any other crashes other than the .3ds export one currently? Thanks!

I have an ever growing list of bugs. Should I keep posting them? No point if it is just my system.

The latest concern the right hand side panel.

Bug 1 - The panel blue docking area moves, depending on where the window is grabbed. Maybe its a feature. See video.

Bug 2 - The panel can become stuck after a tear-off, because the grab area (the ellipsis) are on the far right, which get positioned off the screen once the panels becomes a window. It is possible to grow the window left until the grab area appears, then put it back, but this is a cabin-class level solution. After re-docking, once the main window is closed, the panel appears like a cheap David Copperfield trick behind the main window, but stuck in position.

I do see this other one "opening small R8 file, hangs " in 8.2. Is this file on a local drive or a network?

Good news! sort of. The 3ds export was replicated on the test machine. So it appears to be something about that specific OS version or combination of OS/Machine… future OS’s might be affected as well.

Please post new issues in a new thread where we can hash out the particulars without getting jumbled up with the ongoing one.

we have a youtrack going that you can track, this has been deemed a critical bug. Thanks for reporting.

I no longer am running 8.2. The rotating points crash happened intermittently but if it happens again, I will try to capture it.

It was in single perspective view, shaded, points on for 36 simple curved lines, grabbing the end points to alter the curve.

If the above is OK, are there any other crashes other than the .3ds export one currently?

None yet.

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We are still looking into this but not able to reproduce in next release candidate, can you give it a go? Thanks


The .3ds bug seems better. Export now works. Thanks.

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Version 8 SR4
(8.4.24044.15001, 2024-02-13)

Right hand panel disappears.
Occurred after starting grasshopper and moving the grasshopper window to the right side of the screen.

Hi Joey,

Please run SystemInfo in your Rhino command line and paste the results, thanks!

A lot of bugs I’m reading here match my experience with R8. I’ve even had a hard-crash… something I’ve not experienced in probably 10 year on the Mac.

To add to the list, I find it odd that if I move an object while in a certain view such as “Perspective” (as the only active viewport), and then switch to another view such as “Right”, the object I’ve moved is seen in the previous position for just a moment, and then updates the view showing the correct position. Very distracting.

However, the most troublesome issue I have to deal with is the repeating of the last command by right clicking. I don’t ever want to repeat anything that way. That’s what the spacebar is already doing.

So I read someplace in the Help file that if I want to disable that repeating command thing, I just have to…

Set 0 to make a right-click immediately display the context menu and stop repeating the last command

So I did. Guess what, I can no longer orbit and pan by right clicking. You know. R7 got this right. I don’t need a rethink on something that worked perfectly. Because it really isn’t working for my team right now.

Oh ya, and that contextual menu that comes up… Where did all my controls go? That’s where I change display modes, constantly.

This should be fixed in the latest 8.5 release candidate. Here are instructions on getting release candidates

Thanks Steve. I’ve enabled the Service Release Candidate option and hopefully resolve some of the instability issues I’ve seen.

So I’ve had the latest greatest running the past 2 days. I really was hoping the lockups would stop. However, as before, I get beachball hangs.

It’s not really a full hang, as I can sometimes click one button or shift model view for a single frame… at least once every five minutes. If I have a model open that you really want to save, I have to tell Rhino to close the file, then wait 5-15 minutes for Rhino to have a lucky break and offer me a change to save. Once I tell it to save, it’s another 5-15min for that to actually happen. You can see if the document name changes, and if it does, you can say “quit”, which might take 5-15min to do.

It feels like a memory leak, as the more documents I have open, the longer it is between break points where I can interact with Rhino.

Sometimes, I just have to force-quit Rhino (like right now, it’s hung and I have no way to break my file away).

Most of us are thinking of going back to R7, just to get work done. But we can’t if R8 has touched the file.

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