Rhino 8 Bug Report

I’ve noticed a few small glitches while working in Rhino 8 for Mac (ver. 8.2.23346). Haven’t used it extensively yet:
• Viewport background color automatically reverts back to light grey periodically (perhaps when the program autosaves?) It happens no matter what color I make the background—let’s say blue. The color shown in the “Appearance” menu in Settings is still correct (blue), though the background color in the viewport itself is incorrect (light gray). If I double click, the Color Picker shows a light gray.
• Rhino doesn’t always remember my toolbars and tab settings when opening a new file. But sometimes it does (?) At other times it just opens a “naked” file, and I then have to reopen and set all toolbars and tabs.
• Had a weird behavior that I can’t recreate: opened a second file with a first file still open. While working in the second file it would occasionally disappear and freeze, sending me back into the first file—without me clicking on the first file. I had to close and reopen the software to find the second file again. This happened specifically when I tried to use curve and arc tools in the second file, FWIW.

Hi Matthew - can you repeat this? If so, what are the exact steps?

When it happens, please try Window mwnu > Window lauyouts > Default window layout.
Does that sort it out?


I think there was an update in the last few days that may have corrected it.
It’s happened sporadically—not with every file, so it’s hard to recreate. If It happens again I’ll upload the issue here.

At other times it just opens a “naked” file, and I then have to reopen and set all toolbars and tabs.

This happens to me occasionally (MacOS M2 + Rhino V8 (8.2.23346.13002, 2023-12-12) . It happened this morning when I opened a R7 file and all palette/containers/toolbars are gone - just the bare viewport/viewports.

Here is a list of bugs from using R8 (8.2.23346.13002, 2023-12-12) on MacOS (13.6.3) as they happened - no particular order:

  1. Commands line autocomplete is center justified, should be left justified as in R7. I typed “Ext” and got this:

Text should be left justified

  1. The “esc” key does not dismiss the "Show panels…‘’ pop-up window. Only by clicking off the panel can it be dismissed.

  1. The “Panel” panel is missing making paneling difficult.

"Panel" panel is missing

  1. “History” tab background is sometime not highlighted, even though bold, sometimes not bold, even though activated.

history background missing when selected

histroy being recorded, but tab not highlighted

  1. Selecting a floating palettes sometimes causes all R8 windows to disappear. Impossibly frustrating. Rhino is shown as the front-running process, but no Rhino windows are visible. Clicking on a background window makes Rhino reappear. This seems to be usually caused by the cursor moving over a tool-tip from a floating palette. A horrible bug. Image shows Rhino running but no Rhino windows visible.

Incredible frustrating dissapearing screen with palete selection

  1. Message showing result of some common action displays in floating mini-window obstructing other functions.

  1. Expanded tool icon grow in size after being detached from parent icon, with empty rows and/or columns. For example this

floating palette becomes bigger

becomes this…

bigger palette wastes space

  1. Cursor/tool tips sometimes do not disappear, and remain floating in front of all R8 and other windows.

Cursor tips do not dissapaer

  1. Scale handles do not align with surface of newly formed cylinder. Red and green are floating in space. Scale handles sometimes disappear (not shown).

  1. Layer status of visibility and lock is not shown for selected layer. Does this mean they are visible, or locked, or not? A little confusing. Dimmed is more typical display for inoperable icons, but why can’t I lock the current layer?. Similarly, layer states are chenged by selecting that layer. Selecting a locked/invisible layer incorrectly unlocks it and makes it visible, requiring a re-locking/visibility setting after selecting a different layer.

Layer visible ro not

  1. Changing the name of a layer requires unnecessary finesse. Selecting the layer name to edit require 2 carefully timed clicks, unless already selected, then just one, but in which case, 2 clicks prevents editing the layer name.


  1. Requesting a new window from the launch dialog box takes 10’s of seconds with spinning rainbow cursor wheels. Activity monitor reports a hang. Opening existing file is quick.

Website bug: The “contact us” icon (mail/chat) does not appear in Safari, but does in Firefox.

Thanks for the list, Tshine,

I am using an M1 mac running 14.2.1

I have experienced 6,7,8 and 9.

6 and 8 being the most annoying as it can block access to settings for commands.

Also a variation of 9 where the gumball disappears after moving an object once. It may have been fixed in the last update, as I haven’t seen it for a bit.

I have also got the ‘naked’ file quite a lot, or with the wrong window layout. If you have saved a window layout it is pretty easy to correct.

I also have a surface analysis container that refuses to close. I have been too lazy so far to start a new layout and setup everything again, so I just poke it down in the corner.

Screenshot 2024-01-05 at 2.31.37 pm
Screenshot 2024-01-05 at 2.31.46 pm

Bug: Scroll wheel stops working/zooming if object selected. The video of nothing happening is not so interesting, My finger scrolls the mouse wheel but bugger all happens if an item is selected (rotating view still works). Not always, but sometimes, and only in Rhino V8.

Help is f**ked. Try searching help, my monitor gets pasted with a white banner, triggered by typing one character.

Hi Tshine,

Can you run the SystemInfo command in the Rhino command line and post your results? Thanks

sys info.txt (4.8 KB)

Gumball is losing it. Draw a circle in perspective. View in Front, then Perspective, then Front again, then perspective. 3 different Gumballs/orientation without touching the curve.

0 - Make circle with default Cplane.
1 - no blue arrow on gumball ( and a temporary glitch on green arrow).
2 - Change view causes Gumball is oriented to god knows what.
3 - Paning view causes gumball to change to correct alignment.
4- Correct alignment stays regardless of view.

And there is no memory pressure - no swaps.

Thanks for the sysinfo

Lets do a Reset (via Rhino command line) and then get you one our latest, once you get the latest do another Reset.

To get the latest on a Mac go to Rhino 8>Setting>General and then set Updates>Update Frequency to Service Release Candidate.

Thanks. I updated to Version 8 (8.3.24002.13002, 2024-01-02) and reset and it is still kind of unusable. Of the 17 bugs list above, 3 seem to be fixed (floating message, palettes expanding and Gumball weirdness), 10 bugs I can still reproduce, including the despair causing disappearing windows, and 3 bugs were intermittent and I haven’t seen yet.

In the last hour another one appeared - I can’t export a simple model as a 3ds file. No problems from R7, but in R8 exporting select geometry reliably causes a bomb. Insane. One of the pleasures of using Rhino on the Mac was its stability. I haven’t seen software this buggy in a while. I hope it gets better.

I’m running an M1 on macOS Ventura 13.5.2 and not seeing any issues. Is this a particular file? try creating a box and exporting the 3ds.

If its a particular file please send to us privately or post it here. Thanks

If its reproduceable on a youtrack ticket it we’ll get cleaned up in short order, anything critical gets priority of course.

I’ve been exporting selected objects as 3MF since the first R8 release. No issues there.

Not saying there aren’t any, there’s myriads (like custom menus disappearing on relaunch, overall sluggishness, PDF problems galore, but at least this one I haven’t ran into.

Thanks Japhy.

I launch R8, new file, make a box, export as 3ds… bomb out of R8. file attached.

This is new install of R8 on stock MacOS 13.6 on M2 MacBook Air on a clean system with lots of disc space, no memory pressure.

box.3dm (2.8 MB)

Thanks, did you send the crash report? If not, please repeat and send one in.

I think I sent 4 or 5…but clipped our of the video.

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Hi Tshine,

The last crash report we had from you was "rotating end point from 36 curves, controlled by 3 points each "

Can you repeat the export issue and ensure your email address is correct?

This is unusual in that your systeminfo looks fine, no third party plugins but you are crashing out where others are not.

I just reported it with the note “export simple box to in 3ds format”

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