UI shows stretched texts in Rhino 8

I’ve noticed some glitches while working in Rhino 8 for Windows, especially when clicking on Grid snap and the rest of the options.

Can you describe these glitches? Can you provide us a way to repeat?


– Dale

@Andres8 Looking at your screenshot I see some weirdness in the status bar. Pls run _SystemInfo in Rhino and post back the results.

Systeminfo.txt (2.4 KB)

@Andres8 Looking at your systeminfo, I don’t see anything that might cause this. Other than the stretched text in the statusbar, do you experience other issues?

The glitches manifest more when the cursor moves over certain areas or tools, affecting the status bar and the program interface. This happens even with a new document and is not triggered by any specific action.

I recently opened the program to try it out, but there are many more issues. Some parts of the program work well, but others are a disaster. The program interface has more oddities, like titles disappearing and tool icons disappearing, and when I move things around, it becomes a mess. They appear again when I move the cursor over them.

@Andres8 as a test could you set your computer language, region, formatting to English, United States? Then restart Rhino?

Windows 10 scaling issue, maybe?