Rhino 7 Service Release Candidate Available

Rhino 7 SR11 Release Candidate 4 for Windows and Mac (7.11.21278) is now available
To get it, subscribe to the Release Candidate update stream on Windows or on Mac.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Rendering: Textures: Loops of texture baking failures froze Rhino (RH-65697)

Rhino 7 SR12 Release Candidate 1 for Windows and Mac (7.12.21285) is now available
To get it, subscribe to the Release Candidate update stream on Windows or on Mac.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Annotation:
    • Editing a dimension changed the font (RH-62700)
    • Some special European characters did not work with SLF-RHN Architect font (RH-64192)
  • Block: Block attributes were not copy-pasted correctly (RH-62661)
  • BoundingBox: Incorrect for blocks (RH-49510)
  • BoxEdit: Size settings were broken (RH-65683)
  • ClippingPlane: View clipping was removed by 4View and 3View commands (RH-65693)
  • Display:
    • FlatShade did not work with SubD objects (RH-49558)
    • “Treat as linear” checkbox in PBR materials did not work (RH-65874)
  • ExtendCrvOnSrf: A curve could be extended beyond a trimmed edge (RH-65818)
  • ExtractIsocurve: Failed at untrimmed edges (RH-4707)
  • GrasshopperPlayer: Support input from a defined set (RH-57836)
  • InsertPoint: Did not allow to insert points on edges on reflect plane (RH-65606)
  • Line: Normal option found the wrong face in a polysurface (RH-65719)
  • MultiPipe: Could not be canceled by ESC key or other commands (RH-59772)
  • Offset: Trim=No was not as accurate as Trim=Yes (RH-65627)
  • OpenNURBS: ON_PolylineCurve::IsValid returns true when curve has zero points (RH-65906)
  • Pull: Result was incomplete (RH-65780)
  • RDK:
    • Scripted materials were lost on re-loading (RH-65772)
    • Most procedural noise types did not work (RH-65896)
  • RecordAnimation:
    • Light size in reflection was different from Raytraced viewport (RH-64467)
    • No lighting and shadows from Raytraced mode (RH-64465)
  • Reflect: Missing XAxis or YAxis option for second reflect plane (RH-65709)
  • Rendering: Cycles Viewport: Slow when rendering sun with shadows-only Ground Plane (RH-64526)
  • Rendering: Realtime SDK: Raytraced mode did not render backface material luminosity (RH-65726)
  • Rendering: Textures: Missing Images Dialog: Bulk Replace did not search subfolders (RH-65626)
  • RevCloud: Failed when input curve was not parallel to world top plane (RH-65771)
  • SDK: C# Rhino.Render.SafeFrame should be public (RH-65788)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon: Add ConstrainNormal property to SporphSpaceMorph in RhinoCommon (RH-65933)
  • Toolbar: Some of the layer icons were blurry (RH-65775)


  • Gumball: Allows to extrude multiple faces in the same polysurface (RH-65651)
  • Lights: Shadow intensity changes area of a rectangular light and radius of a linear light in rendering (RH-64141)
  • Rendering: Textures: DownloadLibraryTextures command allows to import textures from a zip file or a folder (RH-58106)

Features Added:

  • Grasshopper: Automatic text shapes oriented to surface in Grasshopper 1.0 (RH-65799)

SDK Enhancement:

  • GrasshopperPlayer: Now calls IGH_BakeAwareData::BakeGeometry (RH-60825)
  • RDK: Added support for adding custom data UI sections to RenderContent (RH-64871)
  • SDK: Added Circle-Circle and Arc-Arc intersection methods (RH-62819)

Mac-Only Changes

Bugs Fixed:

  • RDK: Date & Time controls for Physical Sky Texture did not work on Mac (RH-65535)
  • SDK: Python: A script failed on Mac (RH-65056)

Tasks Completed:

  • Installer: RhinoScriptCompiler is removed on Mac (RH-65532)

Windows-Only Changes


  • GrasshopperPlayer: Added new contextual Boolean parameter (RH-57897)