Rhino 7 anti-aliasing still below par

When will we ever get back Rhino 5 anti-aliasing quality? I guess never…

Rhino 6 was completely unusable to me cause curves and edge display was just horrible. I bought it but never did even one project in it cause it hurt my eyes (seriously… my eyesight is bad and I need a smooth display).

Rhino 7 is a little better but still far from Rhino 5 quality. Very disappointing

gr, Tobias

Hi Tobias, in what display mode do you work most? I noticed that the smoothness ofV5 AA can be replicated to a large extend when changing the gamma settings, but not all display modes have a gamma setting

What resolution of monitor are you using?

Hoi Gijs, long time… I usually work in wireframe and rendered view mode. But how the gamma mode can replicate R5 AA?

Hi Jim, my monitor has 1920 x 1200 points

can you look if the attached modes make any difference on your screen

Shaded-SG.ini (14.0 KB)

Wireframe-SG.ini (14.0 KB)

(the above wireframe mode is a modified shaded mode)

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Whow… Gijs, your modified Wireframe mode is fantastic! Thanks for that. I guess this is not possible for a Rendered view mode…?
Let me check what is the difference between standard and your wireframe mode

yes, you can do that there too, just modify the gamma settings to the same values I used in the shaded/wireframe settings I shared, you cannot do it natively in wireframe, wireframe has no gamma settings.

Yes, it works. Thank you so much. I can work in Rhino 7 now!!
Btw, I tried to adjust the original Wireframe mode, but it doesn’t have those settings. I guess you created it from a modified shaded mode, right?

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yes that’s how I made it

That’s really cool. Maybe I should read something about “Gamma”. I have no idea what this is all about. Seems interesting

it’s still a bit of a workaround though, because it does affect lots of color settings. For example the grid looks really weird with this setting. I hope @stevebaer and @jeff can take note of the fact that gamma 2.2 seems to ‘fix’ display quality to level of V5 on Windows, as it could be a clue that these AA issues have been present ever since there are gamma settings in Rhino.

Yes. I must say that the rendered mode looks a lot different. Kind of bleached. So it’s indeed just a workaround… great for wireframe but not so much for renderd

Thanks Gijs,
I never used my copy of V6 due to the AA. This is a wonderful work around for V7 that will save my eyes in wireframe mode.


@stevebaer can this be investigated? It clearly makes a difference at my end, and @Steve_Howden and @tobias seem to confirm this

I have this thread bookmarked and will investigate when I find some time


Hi Steve, so I am not the only one who just never worked in Rhino6 just cause of the AA. I basically just used it to open R6 models and SaveAs R5.
It would be so nice to get back R5 AA quality one day.

I’m all for improving wire drawing quality. I just need time to understand what Gijs did.

This is so bizarre to me…the curves look possibly slightly more jagged(but are drawn 1000x faster) so I’m going to use really old software?

I doubt it’s something that will really “improve” much because the reason it’s so much faster is that it’s–as people have been begging for since Rhino Version 1!!-- actually using specific OpenGL features for(approximating)antialised curves, so the minutiae of their quality is probably largely gpu-dependent, and in the future of high resolution monitors AA becomes unnecessary.