(V6) Antialiasing change?

Was there a change in Antialiasing in SR8 recently?

Because I see a quite ugly picture:

(Open the image to see original size or browser at 100%)
Alphabet.3dm (387.2 KB)

And yes, graphics driver is most recent.
AA in Rhino is set to 8x.
I did not change anything that I’m aware of.

What can it be, and how to get the good display quality back?

Hi Charles - @stevebaer will know better but it looks a little like, maybe, some iteration of TestLineSmoothing might be at work here - does anything change of you toggle that command?


I see what is happening. This is a result of a fix to improve the quality of vertical and horizontal lines. I’ll see what we can do to make this look better. You can also try the “TestLineSmoothing” command that Pascal suggested.

Steve, Pascal
I tried the command now.
LineSmoothing shows a different picture, but far from good.
V/H lines are still quite different from the other curves:

Disabled looks better to me, except the V/H lines.
Windows is at 100% DPI scaling.

Isn’t it possible to go back to the former state, and switch to the experimental methods optional only?


At a small zoom, the current view is - horrible.

What computer/monitor combination are you using? I really need to find a system that produces that results that you are seeing.

NVidia 1060
Older i7 (4770?)
LG 43UD79-B



Which one is the best? (open at 100%)

I should have a new SR8 build available tomorrow that has some changes I made today to try and improve the display.

should have a new SR8 build available tomorrow

Do you mean this one?
(6.8.18211.21311, 30.07.2018)

If so, it is a bit better, but still not ok.

In addition, there are artifacts from the grid now.
Depends on the zoom, sometimes they are there and sometimes not.

Do you have WireThicknessScale set to a value other than 1?

I don’t think that one had my changes in it, but it’s also pretty hard to tell. Here is one that looks like it has my changes

Steve, no.

Installed the above (6.8.18213.3201, 01.08.2018), and the view is - hmm.
V5 (exactly same conditions):

Then I played with the WireScale you mentioned.
0.5 to 0.7 seem to be a bit better, or 1.4.
But the same quality as in V5 can’t be reached.
I switched it back to 1.

In other models than the abc it looks like AA is not doing anything:

Those images must be getting scaled because the V6 image looks much better than the V5 one that you posted. Does TestLineSmoothing make any difference in 6.8 for you?

The images I sent are not scaled by me.
Set the browser to 100% or download the images and view them in Photoshop at 100%.

No, no visible difference for me.

I downloaded and looked at them at 100%. The first image which is labeled V6 looks great.

If you think so, I don’t know what to tell further.

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I believe you that what you are seeing doesn’t look as good to you in V6 as in V5. The screenshots posted in discourse probably don’t tell the true story.

I think I know what’s going on:

This is zoomed into the V6 screenshot.
The lines are very good - far better than in V5.
In the curved parts you can see yourself, 1 pixel overshot.

That does not happen in V5: