Wireframe display problems

Hi to all, I have been using Rhino (2,3,4 and 5) for many years, and have just purchased version 7.
I have always worked in wireframe with 1 pixel thick lines and borders without Antialiasing, but in version 7 it’s impossible to use these settings.
In the example you can see my problem.
The cylinder top cap (red arrow) is deliberately moved by 0.05mm
In version 5 it is clearly visible that there is a gap.
In version 7 without AA it’s impossible to see because the edges and isocurves are incredibly jagged.
In version 7 with AA at 8X the edges and isocurves look better, but the gap “disappears” due to smoothing.

Can anyone explain to me if it is possible to return to a view equal to Rhino5?



Hi -

I’m afraid that’s not possible, no.

Why?? Why did they make a good thing worse? :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
I think AA is useless with high resolution screens

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The display engine was rewritten to be able to take advantage of more advanced functions of newer versions of OpenGL and better hardware. In Rhino 5, it was completely up to the driver to handle AA and the results would vary a lot from system to system. From Rhino 6, we are using a shader based approach and while this results in more equal results on all systems, on some specific systems the AA looked better in Rhino 5.

and why don’t you give the choice between the old and the new way?

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The point is, we do not want antialiasing.
We want aliased things on screen!
Where every pixel hold real information.

Working with AA active on a CAD feels like having a constant vision defect.

Related, 2 year ago Graphic bugs in rhino 6 - #12 by maje90

Current situation with simple lines: (RH7, AA off, repeatable on any machine)
2021-03-10 16_02_21-Window
Nobody can say this is good. :worried:


Exactly! For me is a BIG step back…

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Hi -

I’m afraid the last post in the thread that you refer to still stands…


The very strange thing is that without AA the lines look good but the edges and isocurves are terrible!!

I found a thread from December '17 reporting the same problem on Rhino6
It seems VERY bad to me that it still hasn’t been fixed after more than 3 years and a new version

I tried to zoom 5x the image and the differences are evident:
Rhino5 no AA: very defined lines, arcs, edges and isocurves (you can clearly see the very small gap between the surfaces)
Rhino7 no AA: lines and arcs appear to have AA ; edges and isocurves appear thick and undefined
Rhino7 8x AA: no difference for lines and arcs ; very smooth edges and isocurves (the gap between the surfaces “disappears”)

I want the old Rhino … this new visualization is ABSOLUTELY UGLY…

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