Rhino 6 Service Release 8 Available

Rhino 6 SR8 (6.8.18240) Is now available.
Rhino will download and offer to install these updates for you, unless you’ve disabled automatic updates.

Crashes Fixed:

  • No Subsystem:
    • ‘-1’ is not a valid value for property ‘MinHeight’. (RH-47027)
    • System_Xaml.dll!MS.Internal.Xaml.Runtime.PartialTrustTolerantRuntime::MS.Internal.Xaml.Runtime.PartialTrustTolerantRuntime.SetValueSystem.Object, System.Xaml.XamlMember, System.Object – (NTSTATUS) 0xe0434352 - (RH-47029)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon: RevSurface.Curve getter crashes Rhino (RH-47447)
  • Safe Frame: RhinoCore!CRhinoDisplayPipeline::Draw2dLine – Access Denied (RH-47410)

Bugs Fixed:

  • Annotation:
    • Resize the dimension editing dialog (RH-47289)
    • Rhino 5 Dimension Loose user text modifications (RH-47471)
  • Annotation: DimLinear: Dimension lines draw past extension lines (RH-47357)
  • Annotation: DimOrdinate: Detail scale not applied to Ordinate dimensions read from V5 files (RH-47476)
  • ClippingPlane: Dots on active clipping planes go black (RH-47524)
  • Display:
    • Clayoo objects don’t update their render meshes in Rendered mode. (RH-44353)
    • Issues with block instances (RH-47297)
    • Line and Arrows turn white (RH-47474)
    • Rhino 6 Slow Display with 15,000 meshes (RH-47430)
    • Some blocks display as wireframe (RH-47467)
  • Eto:
    • Can Panel.MinimumSize take into account DPIScale like Size or ClientSize does? (RH-40307)
    • Profiler showing slowness at Bitmap.Width (RH-46860)
  • ExtendSrf: Incorrect error message (RH-47351)
  • File IO:
    • Critical Point tag locking up import (Import GHS) (RH-42212)
    • Garbled characters in layer names (RH-47193)
    • STEP import is broken in the latest 6.8 RC (RH-47900)
  • Make2D: HiddenLineDrawing does not calculate point geometry (it did in V5) (RH-46391)
  • No Subsystem: Cannot set Boolean properties of Rhino.ApplicationSettings.FileSettings (RH-47360)
  • Print:
    • Color Source Support in ViewCaptureSettings (RH-45512)
    • Image incorrect at higher resolution (RH-20130)
    • There is a display mode that will not shade in Layouts (RH-46899)
  • PrintPreview: LayoutLinetypes is broken (RH-46526)
  • Project: Incomplete in V6 (RH-47970)
  • Properties: ObjectPropertiesPageEventArgs is throwing Exceptions (RH-47567)
  • RDK: Content order in ContentDisplayCollection DS (RH-46994)
  • Rendering: Texture Mapping: Yellow tip on Texture Mapping dialog sometimes has the wrong position (RH-47219)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon’s MaterialTable.Find does not work (RH-47366)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon:
    • Expose RhinoBrepRemoveInnerLoops in RhinoCommon (RH-47288)
    • Smoothing Specific Mesh Vertices (RhinoCommon) (RH-47443)
    • TextEntity.GetBoundingBox() returns incorrect BoundingBox (RH-44507)
  • SVG: Save options box does not remember settings (RH-45455)
  • Safe Frame: Does not draw correctly in a detail view (RH-47440)

Cosmetic Fixes:

  • Display: Aliased lines have inconsistent width (RH-46636)

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