Rhino 6 Service Release 9 Available


(Brian Gillespie) #1

Rhino 6 SR9 (6.9.18271) Is now available.
Rhino will download and offer to install these updates for you, unless you’ve disabled automatic updates.

Crashes Fixed:

  • Annotation: Rhino.Geometry.TextEntity (RH-48116)
  • Annotation: Hatch: opennurbs!ON_Curve::PointAtStart(MERGE) (RH-48087)
  • CrashDump: .NET crash during Rhino exit on Windows 10, 1803, build 17134.81 (RH-46531)
  • Cycles: Crash when switching away from Raytraced (RH-48355)
  • Display: :GetDepthBuffer – Access Denied (MERGE) (RH-48359)
  • Grasshopper: Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt. (RH-48322)
  • Grasshopper: Components: GH - dot display Crash (RH-46250)
  • Layer: RhinoCore!CLayerManagerListCtrl::OnPopupWorksessionSetActiveModel – Access Denied (RH-46054)
  • No Subsystem:
    • Access Denied (RH-48604)
    • Sequence contains more than one matching element (RH-48137)
  • ProjectToCPlane: Access Denied (RH-48534)
  • Properties: System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Rhino.Runtime.CommonObject.ConstPointer () (RH-48552)
  • Rendering: Realtime SDK: Crash while exiting Rhino with a SampleRealtimeRenderer.rhp loaded (RH-46405)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon:
    • InvalidOperationException: Invoke or BeginInvoke cannot be called on a control until the window handle has been created. (RH-48360)
    • Object reference not set… ETO. (MERGE) (RH-48366)
    • System.InvalidOperationException: Nelze volat funkci Invoke nebo BeginInvoke pro ovládací prvek, dokud není vytvořen popisovač okna. (RH-48327)
    • UNKNOWN!Commands.UI.AnnotationStyles.StyleViewModel.UpdateStyleTable – Access Denied (RH-48364)
  • Zoom: Access Denied (RH-48514)

Bugs Fixed:

  • Annotation:
    • AddLinearDimension always uses ‘Default’ dimstyle instead of ‘Current’ (RH-46097)
    • Crash in debugger - AnnocationViewModel.cs (RH-47633)
    • Selecting text with the object properties page visible causes the text mask to get set to background (RH-48655)
  • Annotation: DimAngular:
    • Fails to update on Detail manipulation (RH-47896)
    • On Layout gets corrupted on Detail manipulation (RH-47897)
    • Rhino 4 Angular Dimensions Opens in Rhino 6 Incorrectly (RH-48021)
  • Annotation: DimLinear: Dimension Length factor (RH-47566)
  • Annotation: Text:
    • Glyph meshing (RH-48057)
    • Text and Text Object commnds - fonts like Arial Narrow and Arial Black worked in V5. They do not appear in V6 UI (RH-45920)
    • Underlineing text that is ‘Arial Black Oblique’ reverts it to Arial (RH-47522)
  • ArcTTR: Tangent Radius Tangent in v6 (RH-48076)
  • BlendSrf: History error (RH-48042)
  • Block: No selection color on multiple blocks (RH-46074)
  • Build Process: Submodule not being updated by localization process (RH-48104)
  • Crash Processing System:
    • RhinoDotNetCrash.txt is missing inner exception type (RH-48182)
    • Upload file being read when file import crashes (RH-28358)
  • Cycles: Texture rotation off (RH-45995)
  • Dir: Direction analysis watcher never deleted (RH-48053)
  • Display: SetObjectDisplayMode - Technical & Artistic (RH-47167)
  • Faro: digitize_Faro.rhp “Preparing for first use” every time Rhino for Windows 6.x WIP starts. (RH-47815)
  • File IO:
    • STEP no longer works with external documents (RH-48275)
    • Trimming issue on reading STEP file (RH-48029)
  • Grasshopper: Components: Error about Integer component (RH-47829)
  • Installer:
    • 6.9 RC5 prompts “Enter your license key” (RH-48716)
    • 6.9 and 6.10 launches without toolbars, without using the saved rui and forces a reload of all plugins with some failing (RH-48433)
    • After installing 6.9 upgrade from 6.8, the language installer does not run (RH-48652)
    • Options ignored during deployment (RH-44423)
    • Rhino 6.9.18268 changed my installation path (RH-48714)
    • Script install of 6.6 using Zoo, update to 6.7, forgets Zoo (RH-47603)
    • Scripted Installer update from 6.8 to 6.9 loses license configuration (RH-48673)
    • Scripted update loses Zoo config (RH-48667)
    • The Rhino installer for 6.8 does not push install the Zoo server name correctly. (RH-48179)
  • Localization:
    • “User Text” in “Rhino Options” dialog should be localized. (RH-47843)
    • Clipping in Print Panel (Italian) (RH-47241)
    • Detail property strings in English (RH-47847)
    • German macro editor won’t open (RH-48285)
  • Make2D:
    • 4-view does not clip (RH-46342)
    • Single view “CPlane” does not clip (RH-46346)
  • PluginManager: Rhino says Faro Digitizer plugin needs to be updated, but provides little information on what to do. (RH-48160)
  • Print: Printing a layout should default to the layout’s paper size (RH-47941)
  • Properties: UserText properties page goes blank when using Gumball (RH-48578)
  • RDK:
    • Material Library Downloader cannot handle write protected download folders. (RH-47881)
    • Scaling an object doesn’t update its custom render mesh (Edge softening) (RH-43371)
  • Rebuild: Pops up several identical warnings (RH-47721)
  • Rendering: Materials:
    • Loses reference after adding to document. (RH-48140)
    • Select material by typing first letter (RH-36142)
    • Selecting a textured library material without an internet connection should prompt the user (RH-44297)
  • Rendering: Texture Mapping:
    • Bump Textures Not Rendering (RH-45653)
    • Cannot apply Texture Mapping (with preview) to object of type: extrusion, must explode first. (RH-47507)
    • Custom mapping for CRMs wrong without ATP (RH-48199)
    • Edit boxes and widgets don’t work properly (RH-47279)
  • RhinoStart: rhps do not load (RH-48377)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon: File3dm.GetPreviewImage only works in Rhino (RH-45096)
  • Templates:
    • Default annotation style in some templates uses one arrow and one tick (RH-46836)
    • Set templates to Smooth and Slower (RH-48507)
  • Update System: Missing toolbars after update (RH-48389)
  • WireCut: Typos and tune ups (RH-42266)

Regressions Fixed:

  • Properties: Radial and Diameter Dimension Show Invalid Overrides (RH-47540)

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