Wish for service What's New topics to be pinned

Would it be possible to let the RC release topics on the top of the forum?

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yes, trying to find info about the changes is always tricky. you have to use the search function and sort by “latest post” using the dropdown, otherwise you’d get super old results. the default setting of search never deliver good results, hope this is easily changeable.

pinning the release notes at the top or make them easily accessible in some way would be much apreciated.

btw, what about the release notes for RH6-SR9-RC1?

A separate category for releases would do? Then you can filter on it.

// Rolf

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also not practical, I would have to save those links as bookmarks, doesn’t work other than that, right?

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I have those saved as bookmarks, indeed.

As development conversations happen in the Serengeti category, the announcement is there.

Nathan has already provided a way to find them. I can certainly pin the most recent announcement when I make them, if I remember.

I can’t find it there. Even with the tag link that nathan provided.

Whoops! Looks like I forgot to actually post the notice. Thanks for keeping an eagle eye on this!

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To add to all the ways of getting info about them new SRs and RCs you can set in your preferences that you want to watch/track/watch for first post for tags (links will work for the users I linked to here, only - but anyone can do this of course from the top-right through their own user preferences…):

Add #service-release and #release-candidate to the fields you want to get notified for.

And you can make sure you get e-mail notifications about these as well in the E-mails section of your user preferences.

That all should give pretty water-tight coverage.

haha, not a student anymore, should have changed that some time ago.

notifications by tags set under preferences works fine for me, thanks.