Rhino 6 Service Release 21 Now Available

Rhino 6 SR21 (6.21.19349) Is now available for Windows and Mac.
Rhino will download and offer to install these updates for you, unless you’ve disabled automatic updates.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Annotation: DimLinear: Distance Between Baseline Dimension in Layout Too Large (RH-55319)
  • Contour: Memory leaks (RH-55499)
  • Decals: No event when dragging widget (RH-55354)
  • Display:
    • Meshes display incorrect in far from origin blocks (RH-38742)
    • Clipping planes draw in curve color (RH-43717)
  • ExtractIsocurve: Extra isos from Extrusions (RH-55338)
  • Help: No help from File Options dialog (RH-55394)
  • Panels: Eto Named Items UI scroll bar is broken (RH-55477)
  • SDK: Retrim surface bug (RH-55373)
  • SDK: Python:
    • rs.BrowseForFolder title doesn’t show (RH-55331)
    • GetDistance displaying the distance automatically (RH-55833)
  • ShowSelected: "ShowSelected" or "UnlockSelected" Not Working in Detail (RH-55673)
  • SmartTrack: SmarTrack implied "between" not working in certain cases in V6 and WIP (it did in V5) (RH-55493)
  • UserText: text function sanitizer is matching functions on functions that contain words in other functions. (RH-55514)
  • ViewCaptureToFile: Removing ScaledDrawing command line option from ViewCaptureToFile breaks Bongos animation rendering (RH-54395)
  • WebBrowser: WebBrowser and <Enter> key issue (RH-55850)

Crashes Fixed:

  • BooleanDifference: opennurbs!ON_TrimCurve – Access Denied (RH-55775)
  • File IO: RhinoCore!CRhDocSdkExtension::IsFileReadOnly – Access Denied (RH-55622)
  • Toolbar: System.InvalidOperationException: System.Windows.Forms.Control.Dispose (Boolean disposing) (RH-50244)


  • SDK: RhinoCommon: GetModelScale / SetModelScale need wrapped for ViewCaptureSettings (RH-55372)

Regressions Fixed:

  • GCon: GCon and Distance differ (RH-55417)
  • Split: Fails in V6 and WIP - works in V5 (RH-55298)

SDK Enhancement:

  • SDK: Add functions for querying whether a certain OpenGL version can be used (RH-37168)

Tasks Completed:

  • Grasshopper: Print the (distribution) files from the "Proof" folder for proofreading. (RH-54889)
  • OpenNURBS: Sync changes from open source sbaer/rhino3dm branch back into opennurbs (RH-55467)

Mac-Only Changes

Bugs Fixed:

  • Change 3DConnexion build method (RH-53092)
  • Annotation: DimLinear: Horizontal command line option in Dim command, blocks creation of a horizontal dimension (RH-55815)
  • Dark Mode: Color denoting modified in Text dialog hard to read (RH-55220)
  • Display: Rendered mode lighting is wrong when Sidecar is being used (RH-55663)
  • Display: OpenGL 3.3: Distorted drawing with AMD Radeon HD 6750M (RH-51148)
  • Eto: Eto Named Items UI hangs with lots of items (RH-52254)
  • Export:
    • Do not include control points (RH-55356)
    • Export PDF Scale Not Working (RH-55357)
  • File IO: File I/O - File doesn't open on Mac (RH-55580)
  • NamedView: Named Views list, name get cut off (RH-55647)
  • Panels: Viewport size readout doesn't update correctly (RH-54705)
  • Preferences: Mouse preferences not sticking (RH-55461)
  • Print: Poor resolution on print to PDF (RH-55355)
  • RDK: IOR setting squishes the transparency slider (RH-54654)
  • Rendering: Wallpaper not rendering (RH-55670)
  • Rendering: Materials:
    • Metal Color Should Open Metal Color options. (RH-51667)
    • IOR in Custom material doesn’t contain IOR list (RH-55115)
    • Various default Render Content cannot be loaded or is corrupt (RH-55601)
  • UI Cleanup:
    • Multiple document tabs cause GUI overlap (RH-41380)
    • Glass clarity named incorrectly frost (RH-55166)


  • Preferences: Tooltip offset X and Y offset value entry boxes should be slightly wider (RH-55340)

Crashes Fixed:

  • Contour:
    • com.mcneel.rhinoceros.RhCore:-[MRDocument executeOneScript:] (RH-51928)
    • Crash with using MakeRhinoContours (RH-55193)

Features Added:

  • NamedView: Ability to drag to reorder the items (RH-55376)

Incomplete Port:

  • EditPythonScript: Debugger for EditPythonScript on macOS (RH-54430)

Windows-Only Changes

Bugs Fixed:

  • Annotation: DimLinear: Horizontal command line option in Dim command, blocks creation of a horizontal dimension (RH-55719)
  • Eto: ETO NumericStepper crashes (RH-55832)
  • File IO: Cancelling Save overwrites MRU File (RH-55408)
  • Help: Help page updates needed for these icons which save toolbar collections (RH-55597)
  • RDK: Mysterious Black Box (RH-55294)

Crashes Fixed:

  • Rendering: Materials: Crash editing a child texture that is instanced (RH-55410)
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