Rhino 6 Mac: Custom Popup Toolbar Style


Trying to create an icon/grid style popup tool bar like PC on the Mac (like the regular tool bars in the interface).
Can only get Mac to create a list style popup.
It’s killing my Rhino mojo.

Am I missing something?

I don’t think that’s possible.
Macs are just different.

If you’re a Windows guy, why are you using the Mac version?
The V6 license works for both.

There is a function: Show active tool palettes (alt/shift/command/K)
That reveal/hides whatever grid style windows I have floating over the workspace.
This almost replicates the windows popup experience, except the tool bar does not appear at the cursor location.
Modifying/expanding this command to enable grid style toolbars to popup at cursor location would be awesome! Soo much time wasted and flow interrupted by navigating away to get a function :wink:

PS: Had a bunch of trouble mapping the command to the 3D Connexion.

PPS: I was a forced windows guy 15 years ago when I started using Rhino. Now my entire life is Mac; except for Rhino. Tired of managing 2 computers, but stuck in my well established Rhino workflow.
Working to accept the Mac version, but it slows me down. Used to have a bunch of grid style menus accessed through 3D Connexion and mouse buttons. Gotta update to V6, but don’t want to have to get both platform versions.

You don’t seem to understand.
A V6 license can be used for Windows AND Mac V6, just one at a time.

V5 licenses were separated by platform.
V6 licenses are not.

Great news [to me] on one license for both platforms! I did not understand that (obviously, not reading your earlier post thoroughly. Apologies).

Back to my desire for a grid style Popup - When I use the Active Tool Palettes work around, I see this in the command window:

Select a tool palette ( ToolPalette=3DDigitizing Visible=No UnderCursor=No AsMenu=No )_ToolPalette=Popup
Select a tool palette ( ToolPalette=Popup Visible=No UnderCursor=No AsMenu=No )_Visible=_Toggle
Select a tool palette ( ToolPalette=Popup Visible=Toggle UnderCursor=No AsMenu=No )_Enter

When I cut and paste this in to a new command, it obviously does not work. I do not know how to write macros, so can not apply the above insight to craft my custom desire.
Is there a way to convert the above in to macro, to toggle the Popup toolbar under my cursor?

Thanks for the help!!

Think I have it -


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Empowering, don’t you think?

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Wait. Really.

Unlike V5 licenses which were single platform, V6 licenses are dual platform, A V6 license can be used for Windows or Mac V6.

Can you direct me to how to? I really like the new mac version so far. Can I use my Rhino 6 license number?..

or do I need to re-download it from my account on rhino? So happy this is possible.

Yes. If you have created a Rhino account and set up your license in the Cloud Zoo (McNeel online license manager) all you need to do is download the Mac version and during the install, tell the installer you want to use the license in your Rhino account.

If you installed your license locally, you first need to go to Options>Licenses and remove your license from there; then create/log into your Rhino account and put the license there.


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