Toolbars are locked

I’m using Rhino for Mac on High Sierra. I’m coming from the windows version and I’ve been following tutorials online, most of which are for Windows. But when I activate the Windows theme, the toolbars are all locked and I can’t figure out how to unlock them. Consequently, I can’t add tabs or drag any of them around. I really want to customize my toolbar and I’m very frustrated. What am I missing?

You’re expecting Mac Windows to have a similar toolbar setup as Windows.
They absolutely do not.
Start here:

This should be helpful too:


Or customize the command set and make your own palettes (copy the default command set first):

and start them with an alias, like “S” for “_ShowToolPalette _ToolPalette=MaxzSnap _UnderCursor=YES _Enter” (note the spaces):


I am using a similar macro under a mouse button (preferences) to show my popup palette.

When you want them to stick around, uncheck here:


Aliases and Tool Palettes can be found under preferences.



Thanks John.

I’m not sure what the utility of the Windows theme is. Obviously I need to learn how to use Rhino for Mac the way it was intended, so I’ll work on that. But any suggestions on what the Windows theme can do that the Mac theme can’t? There are preconfigured command sets that I’d like to use without going to all the trouble of creating new ones myself.