Getting command line GUI out of tool palette

Anyone know how to do this in Rhino 6 / 7 wip? I like it at the top not in the left toolbar which is where it appears after moving into 6 / 7. Also - lets add a search for the new icon based options pane. That would seriously speed up the finding of specific items in the options area.


Hello - can you post an image? It sounds to me like you are describing the Mac interface, maybe?


Hi Pascal , yes the mac interface. I wish the two looked the same ( or mac looked simple and clean like the pc. The snaps are under the toolbar too . Also , I emailed you about the space navigator mouse changing rotation direction after you roll under the grid as many others in rhino 6 mac have found this to be a serious issue with work flow. I wrote the programmer at 3d connexion and no reply yet. Any help would be great.

Thank so much for reply


Hi Tobias - the available options are in Preferences > Themes, on mac.